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Monday, 10 July 2006


Justin Lo

Mmmm, that jigae looks soooo good! I can always tell a Korean restaurant is a fraud if it doesn't have any jigae.....but this restaurant is obviously MORE than legit! Look at that cold noodle.....I'm drooling here! Do they have fish egg jigae or goats meat stew? Two of my favorite dishes though I have trouble finding them anywhere except in Hawaii.

Brian Bautista

Hey! I am actually here in Korea right now! I am studying abroad here in Suwon. The summer rain sucks :(. However, the food here is great! Kimchi galore! Hopefully it'll taste the same there at Boo Cho when I come back to San Diego next month! :)


MMM extra chewy naengmyun! I must say that you have really introduced me to an excellent dish there Kirk :) I remember I discovered what it was and how it was meant to be whenyou and Milgwimper "coached" me online about it.

It sounds like every neighbourhood should have a Boo Cho.


My mouth is watering Kirk. Let's go!


Hi Justin - No black goat here, there are a few restaurants that will make it, one is Ko Hayang Jip.

I've been told that the best places are in Koreatown in LA.

Hi Brian - Congrads on your adventure! Unfortunately, it might just ruin you with regards to Korean Food, though. May be interesting to find out how everything measures up when you return. Ley me know, ok?

Hi Rachel - Geeez, thanks. But I'm sure you would've found it on your own.

Hi Jack - Sounds good!

ed (from Yuma)

Nice to see the ban chan items different than my two visits. I always prefer Korean spots that change up their ban chan regularly as opposed to those spots that always seem to have the same dishes.


I forgot to email you about the new Boo Cho, Kirk.
I took my Korean friend there and he enjoyed it. We even went back for the second and third time in the same month with more people. He's a hard guy to please, usually.

We like the ban chan variety very much. And the only complain is the lack of ventilation. It gets smoky pretty quickly when the place is full. But good food.

By the way, Ki Hayang Jip changed name too. I don't know if the owner's changed or not.


Hi Ed - Yes, they do rotate the banchan. I just heard tonight, that they've hired someone just to make banchan......

Hi Didi - Yes, Boo Cho has taken a step up. As for Ko Hayang Jip, our last visit was in April. So have they changed owners again? Or have they just changed signs......


Boo Cho is no more.
It's been remodeled and renamed to Dae Jung Cheum (sorry, I didn't get that right). The place looks nicer but the food, I think took a step or two back. The panchan variety is smaller and the quality is poorer. My friends and I ordered the silky tofu and also the spice noodle soup. They were not very good. The Bibimbap (spelling?) is not bad but one couldn't go wrong with this dish, right?

Just to let you know that we probably won't be back there.

I haven't been back to the new 'Ko Hayang Jip' again. I think they only changed the name but not the owner.


Hi Didi - I'm usually in the area alot, but haven't been around there for over a laziness, vacation, and all. I'll make sure to find out what the "scoop" is. Doesn't sounds very promising...last I heard Boo Cho had hired somewhat to just make the panchan, and that's why it was good. Bummers....

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