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Sunday, 09 July 2006



Hey Kirk!
Ahh, the old charcoal smelling shirt tip - I always seem to forget that when it's most necessary! :)

J Lo

What sort of banchan do they serve? I think that's my favorite part of any Korean meal.....the waitresses always get mad at me for eating too much of it before my main course even arrives! Anyway, I love reading about Korean food just as much as I do eating it....great post!


I loved all the extras they threw it! It really made the meal worth it I reckon and there is no service like changing your BBQ when it gets too charred.

LOL I am sure that Soju was what made the flavours seem to blur together in a night of food and merriment. This was a great post with yummy photos. I could only comfort myself by running to my fridge and getting out my little tub of kimchi and having a few pieces. Yes! Your post made me crave korean food that much :P Well if I can't be there to have that, I will have the next best thing!

Passionate Eater

I love your back-to-back BBQ posts! I couldn't agree with you more about the pleasures of having good banchan. If the banchan is good, it seems like the food comes out faster, the meal tastes more delicious, and the servers are even better!


hi kirk,

sounds like you had a delicious korean meal! the chadolbaeki is deckle, the connective tissue & fat above the rib-eye steak. this is my favorite meat for korean bbq.


Alcohol and FIRE! A great combo if there ever was one! Glad that the place is back in your good graces...Like the Indiana Jones' trilogy, looks like the second iteration was the worst and the third harkens back to greatness of the original.


Sounds like a nice place to go to meet friends. I've actually never been to a Korean restaurant...I'm embarassed to say.


That was a very nice meal, Kirk. I must say that it's pricey. $50 ... gosh!


Hi Kathy - I once had to go to a meeting, after having Korean BBQ for lunch.......

Hi J Lo - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. The usual napa cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, namul, fishcake, spinach, and a very good banchan made with hijiki. I agree, sometimes during the summer, I'll eat kimchi and rice for dinner. I enjoy your food blog BTW:

I'll make sure to link to it next time I update.

Hi Rachel - I'm sure it's all in the description of the specials, but we weren't able to read it, because it was in Korean. So they were nice surprises.

Hi PE - You are 100% right(as usual)! ;o)

Hi yoony - It was very good, kind of like a beef bacon!

Hi Elmo - Leave it to you, to come up with the Pop-Culture tie in. Yep alcohol and fire....don't breath on the grill!

Hi Kady - Korean BBQ with friends is a fun you all come out smelling like BBQ!!!

Hi Ben - Actually, the prices aren't too bad at $25/pp for San Diego. At these type of restaurants an order of meat will run you $15-$20 easy, without the soju or soup.


Hey Kirk,
My Sister was in town for the 4th, and we lucked into the new Boo Cho despite previously shaky reviews. We came back the next day, and I was glad to just see our positive impression confirmed!


Hi trent - I hope your Sister enjoyed Her visit. The one thing that struck me was the improved banchan.

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