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Thursday, 20 July 2006



whoever invented happy hour should have won the nobel prize...

if everyone was at happy hour there would be no more war, just a bunch of drunks eating $2 fish tacos!! not sure which is worse though...


yum, calamari looks pretty good there...

kirk, once had fish tacos at a "local" place in ensenada... off the charts man...

haven't been able to look at fish tacos here the same way since... too bad i could never find that place ever again... ;(


i just wanted to make it 3 posts in a row cause i could... so thats a new record for me... hello missus!

you guys never order onion rings man... whats up with that?

Passionate Eater

Wow, after reading DCCF's posts, I have no idea what I was going to write just now. Umm...

I agree with you that there was "white sauce overload" on those tacos, but holy guns, there are a whole lotta fries there! I agree with DCCF though, where's the onion rings!


I'd like to see what the "large" fries look like!

$12 does seem a bit much for poke, but at least it came in a goblet, lol, I can't think of any place back home that serves their poke in a goblet :)

Justin Lo

Mmmm, fish tacos!!!


That smoked fish salad looks great and those fries are calling my name! Have you had the fish tacos and sandwiches at Blue Water Grill? How do those compare with Bay Park?


This is the place in the same block as Siesel's, right? I too am digging that smoked fish concoction. I grew up loving smoked fish salads, though from an entirely different culinary universe. I'm talking lightly-dressed finely-chopped smoked whitefish, as served in New York-area Jewish-style delis--there's a lot more to Jewish smoked fish than just lox! :-) Perhaps because of that background, I've never met a smoked fish I didn't love. Any guess as to what type of fish Bay Park smoked for their salad? Or I guess I could always wander by and see for myself ...


I love this place and go frequently. I do agree that there is too much sauce on the fish tacos but knowing that I now ask that they put less when I order. Their grilled fish over salad greens, though pricey, is excellent. A friend loves their oyster shooters. Their fresh seafood from the cold case is always good to take home and fix for dinner.


The tacos and fries look really yummy. If I'm ever in that neighborhood I'll have to check it out. Although I'm sorry to hear the ahi had a not-so-satisfying flavor. I love a good poke stack/salad.


You know, all "small" fries ought to be that small. I like small fries!!


Hi Kirk,
Great pictures, another solid, informative post. It astounds me how prolific you are. I know you have a full time job. Do you ever sleep?


Wow!! What a great neighbourhood joint. If they had places like that here in Aus I would have falen in love with fish a long time ago. Here fish is usually just battered or crumbed at neighbourhood shops. Sometimes grilled with a small side salad. Guess its from the English tradition of fish and chips. Sydneyhas a few fancy restaurants with seared tuna and stuff like that but they start at about 29 dollars a dish upwards, certainly not this unique, affordable fare. Gotta love fish snacks like those fish tacos!! I just can't get over how good it looks! I am someone who eats fish only coz I know I have to ... but that could really make a difference...


thanks for the heads-up on BPFC! i've gotta try it. and it's just around the corner from my fave, Baci.


Hi DCCF - Three strikes and you're out, Buddy! We love onion rings, but it's hard to get good ones. BPFC doesn't have 'em on the menu....bummer, could go for some good beer battereed rings.

Hi PE - You got me thinking; don't know how much the fries are at Mickey D's, it's been so long; but this was just $2. I guess it's a bargain.

Hi Kathy - This is the third time I've had "poke" served in a goblet; seems like the thing to do with it in San Diego.

Hi Justin - double mmmmm!!!

Hi Candice - Everytime we've tried to go to Bluewater we can't find parking. So hopefully we'll get there before the next decade......

Hi mizducky - I believe it's albacore. Make sure you check them out between 3-5 for Happy Hour prices for the smoked fish plate.

Hi Maureen - We tend to enjoy the simpler dishes at Bay Park Fish, where the good quality of the fish comes through. We've had +/- experiences with the fish counter, but more pluses than minuses.....

Hi Kady - BPFC is worth a try especially if you're around during Happy Hour.

Hi Ben - I agree 100%

Hey Jack - I usually sleep after I eat. ;o)

Hi Rachel - You have a choice of battered or grilled fish. But why batter and cover up good fish? Though I do enjoy good Fish and Chips!

Hi Toisan - No problemo! Give 'em a shot.....the prices for most items are quite reasonable.


to bad there isn't a food market worth mentioning around here.


Hi nhbilly - Doesn't Santa Monica Seafood have outlets in Orange & Costa Mesa, or maybe Marukai in Costa Mesa? I like both of them.


Mmm - fried squid. (Sorry, I'm old school - none of this "calamari" business here...) Here in Santa Barbara, my favorite sushi haunts has a great appetizer of battered squid with a nice drizzling of a soy sauce/chili oil mix. The surprising thing is that the squid is not crispy at all (although there are hints of it) - it's actually "soft and creamy". A nice surprise - I think it actually works. Now if only we could have fried squid with an adobo-like dipping sauce with the squid ink...


Hi Ed - Sounds very good. Now how about Deep Fried "Squid" with a spicy lechon sauce.......


Lechon sauce - alright, for that, the squid has to be extra crispy!

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