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Sunday, 30 July 2006


Passionate Eater

I was wondering why I didn't see the regular weekend post! Hope you feel better soon Kirk. Now that it is cooling down, rest and get your strength back. Time to let the Missus and the Boyz take care of you!

Take care and get well soon.


Get well my Web hurry here.


Please get well - maybe some of that Silver Ark jook looks good to you right now ;)


feel better soon! an ugly summer cold is going around so hydrate...

Alice Q. Foodie

Uh oh - hope it's not something you ate! :-)


antioxidants brutha!

simple cooking tip for health... add a few green or black tea bags to any soup, stew or boiling of vegetables... get the antioxidants from tea, with no real change in taste or flavor...


Hope you feel better soon! After all you are one of the more consistent food blogger out there.


pump some iron, Kirk. Always works better than medicine.


Hi kirk! Hope these messages will cheer you up. Will be awaiting your return! Get well soon! xxoo


Hiya Kirk, hope you feel better soon.


Hi Kirk, Wondering if you have what I have. I've been a bit out of it for a couple of days.

Captain Jack

Oh Man,

When I was at Wicked at the Civic Saturday, the guy next to me kept hacking away through the whole show. I hope I am not next. By the way there is another Jack so I will comment from now on with my UCSD nickname. Hope you get better soon.


Hubby has had it for 2 weeks now. The cough is particularly lovely in the evening. I started taking Oscillococcinum for 2 days when he started hacking and I did get a milder variation, but I am better and he is still coughing.

Its going around. Everyone seems to have it or had it...


Feel Better Soon Kirk!


Get better soon, Kirk!


evidence-based medicine is here to help if you need it, dude.


Feel better soon! You, of all people, owe us no explanation if you need time away from the blog for whatever reason. You're the most consistently passionate and dedicated food blogger I know! :)


Please get well quickly, Kirk-san! We
miss you.


Hope you get well soon, Kirk. Been missing your postings!


Hi Kirk--wishing you a speedy recovery, my fellow foodie friend!

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