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Sunday, 18 June 2006



I know this place, it's Portland city centre.

Passionate Eater

That was actually hard Kirk! I love the statues--particularly the ones of the seals (or prairie dogs)!


the roses made me think of Portland too. I've never seen the little otter statues though. they are so cute. I Love Portland! Even though I grew up in Southern Oregon, I prefer Porland of all the places in Oregon. I'm a bit of a traitor = )

ed (from Yuma)

As someone else who grew up in Southern Oregon, I have to admit that I like PDX also.

Hope you had fun and ate well.


welcome back.....


Hi Kirk: The man with the umbrella was a dead give-away! It's in Portland. We had a great time in Oregon last year ... did the costal road trip too.

Wandering Chopsticks

Portland not a food destination? As a native Portlander I find Thems is fightin' words! :)

Let's see, in a quick weekend you can have dungeness crab omelets or German apple pancakes at Sammy's on NW 23rd, homemade ramen at Koji's, softshell crab at Ohm Seafood, desserts at Papa Haydn, the best milkshakes in the world made with chocolate truffles at Moonstruck Cafe, $1.95 crab cakes and other appetizers with drinks a view of the bridges and downtown at Portland City Grill, $1.95 appetizers and drinks and a view of the river from Pilsner Room, or $1.95 appetizers at any McMenamins bar, goldfish bowl drinks at Gypsy, ostrich burgers and cactus fries at Esparza's TexMex, old mac and cheese at Montage...I can go on and on.

My seafood comes fresh and free from the ocean though. My dad just caught 6 seabass yesterday, and dug up lots of razor clams last week.

BTW, as Oregon is the beaver state, I highly doubt those animals are prairie dogs. Haha.


Hi Suanne - This was too easy I guess.

Hi PE - Not quite prarie dogs....but we love you anyway!

Hi Lynnea - I love those bronze animals that line the Pioneer Courthouse.

Hi nhbilly - Thanks!

Hi Ben - I guess I'm not too good at those guessing type things...

Hi WC - Didn't quite mean it in the way you took it, I meant I went to enjoy the City rather then to eat, but whatever. I did have several good meals in PDX, and bought some Stumptown Coffee and Moonstruck Chocolates.


Thanks! I don't fee so bad now. I thought it was just me. I mean So Oregon is a lovely place but Portland has it beat by a long shot.

Jeffrey Chow

Awesome travelogue. Portland was a place that I only thought of for roses but it seems like a great place to relax and meander a bit. Seems like most of the places you picked were just right for any gourmand to try.
I forgot about 8 minute eggs. I remember something that Lynn Rosetto
Kasper(sp?) talked about in her talk show about doing eggs in the oven for 150 degrees for a certain number of minutes to get eggs done to a very specific consistency similar to poaching. Maybe you've heard of the method.


Hi Jeffrey - Portland is a very pedestrian friendly City. Never heard of eggs baked in that manner - does sound interesting!

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