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Thursday, 01 June 2006



Here I am full from braised chicken and mushroom rice, and sauteed carrots, and now I am wanting cuban food...*sigh* ;)


OH I was the first to post a comment! **Shakes her thang** (watch out and cover your eyes it might scar you to watch! *wink*)

Passionate Eater

Wow! Five pictures of the tamale! It was "that" good eh?


I especially love your cuban food posts Kirk, coz I know next to nothing about it and it is really interesting. Thanks for all the pics! The tamale looks similar to the chinese zhong zi, which is glutinous rice wrapped in pandan or banana leaves filled with stewed pork, chestnuts and salted egg. *dreamy sigh* I would be most interested to try those tamales!


i had Nicaraguan Tamales a few times.. looks very similar with the soft masa style... i'll have to check it out when down south... damn the list is gettin freakin' long...


Looks good I guess mexican tamales are a little drier by the looks of it.

dang any cuban places around OC?

Alice Q.

This looks spectacular - I love Cuban food! I'm the new kid in town - I just started a SD Food Blog a week or so ago - called Alice Q. Foodie. Check me out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. It's at www. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! - Alice


Based on your photos, I had dinner at Tropical Star tonight and it was wonderful! I had the Venezulean beef which came with rice, black beans, plantains, and a corn cake (number 8). Thanks for broadening my horizons!

clare eats

ooh! Looks great! Will have to add columbian to the list once I finally manage to swim on over


Like you, my experience at Tropical Star consisted of only the Cuban sandwich. It might be the tight-wad in me, but the prices seem to be a bit on the high side for a "take-out" feel of a restaurant. I guess I'll have to give it a go. That Columbian-style tamale looks tasty.


Hi Mills - LOL!

Hi PE - Thte Missus loved that tamale.

Hi Rachel - We're finding that we enjoy Salvadoran and other styles of tamales alot more then Mexican ones.

Hey DCCF - Remind me to take you for Salvadoran Tamales when your in town - you'll love 'em!

Hi nhbilly - You may want to see if any of the Salvadoran Restaurants in Costa Mesa makes tamales - they are somewhat similar, though not quite as large. If they don't serve tamales, you can still grab a few pupusas!

Hi AliceQ - Looks good! I'll make sure to create a link when I have a chance.

Hi JD - Well, I've never had the Pabellon Venezolano at Tropical Star yet, so thanks for broadening my horizons!

Hi Clare - Yep, add Latin American to your list.

Hi Jack - I originally had the same reservations. After all for the price of 1 tamale plate here, I could get 4 at El Salvador. But, some of the items were quite good, and the variety of items are hard to come by.


Hi couldn't help but mention that if your weren't brought up on this kind of food you tend to compare it to mexican and other things you might think its supposed to taste like. I must say I was disappointed to hear that people complained about some of the tropical star prices and yet don't complain about spending 8 bucks at Mc donalds or 5 at star bucks for 1 coffee! Tropical Star is in fact a mom and pop shop and things are fresh, homemade, not prepackaged or processed and need to be at a certain price in order for them to survive. It was nice that you enjoyed the many dishes and I hope that you all use this opportunity to learn of the culture and customs, thanks for this editorial


Hi cbeniquez - Welcome and thank you for commenting! I think you underestimate the people who read this humble little blog. And never did I hear 1 statement that compared Tropical Star to Mexican food, nor do I recall anyone ever commenting on the delights of the 8 dollar McDonald meal in any of my comments. Perhaps, it is you that has the tendency towards stereotypes? Though, hopefully I'm wrong...and I do hope that whenever you visit, say a Vietnamese, Chinese, Jamaican restaurant, that you use that opportunity to learn of the culture and customs as well.


Seems like my comment was taken in the wrong light if anything I wanted to bring attention to those who commented about the similarities between the tamales, and the comments about the prices, if anything not stereotyping! I do in fact love discovering and learning about new cultures,customs, and languages. Vietnamese food is one of my favorites, especially Gao nooung (grilled chicken)!:)


have you been to this place recently? We tried it a few months ago for dinner and it was ok but I wasn't really compelled to return... I'm PuertoRican born & raised so I was hoping for a good taste of home and I didn't really get that. So, I'm hoping that maybe they were just having a bad night?


Hi Micaela - As a matter of fact, we haven't been there in a while. I think they try to do a bit too much, and are very uneven.

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