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Saturday, 10 June 2006


Joseph E

Thanks for posting this tonight, Kirk. I'm always disappointed when you post about some great food festival a week after it's done. We will definitely be there tomorrow; I remember wanting to go last summer when we lived in the neighborhood. Mmmmmmm - roast lamb.


Are you sure it is the Missus that he was going after? Guy who wear pink t-shirt generally going after other man. Husky or not!!!.
Just kidding. Just kidding. Man the food look good but I am too far away. Had a great meal last night at Sushi Gen. Keep on blogging. Since I can not blog as good as you, I will wait for your review and pick what I like to eat. :)


Glad to hear the Greek Festival is so fun. My husband and I are planning to go today(Sunday) but since we've never been to it we didn't quite know what to expect. Thanks for the heads up!


Hi Kirk,
I'm like other posters kind of disappointed 'bout the timing of this blog :). Anyhow, I really like Mediterranean foods (i.e., Greek, Lebaneses...), particular falafels and lambs. I visited several time at this little joint in San Marcos which serves traditional flank cut of lambs in their gyros. It's just delicious. North County Times did a real good review of this one, the address is at the bottom of the article (It's adjacent to the Walmart shopping mall)
When you have a chance, try this one, I guarrantee you'll like it.


hey kirk,
saganaki is flaming haloumi cheese. man, is that good stuff!


Hi JosephE - I kind of realized that, so I made sure to post last night.

Hi Beach - I love the sashimi at Sushi really do get your money's worth in terms of quality and quantity. You know, I'm not really that good at this blogging thing....I'm just me.

Hi Lynnea - The Greek Festival, is fun, and a good way of stocking up on all those pastries. It is not cheap, especially if you eat in the dining room, all those lamb chops and chicken can add up to a hefty amount, and elf control when it comes to those pastries is difficult as well.

Hi Larry - Well, I did make sure to post last night. And I blog about what I've eaten, not about what I'm going to try to eat! LOL! I've been mulling over possibly putting up some upcoming events kind of thing in my side bar......

Hey Dave - THanks for the info - the sign at the festival said it was some kind of cheese that started with a 'K' and was 12 letter long, and the Lady at the Saganaki booth could hardly pronuonce it Herself! But who cares, it tasted good!

Joseph E

We made it to the festival today, and the lamb was ready for us. I can't recall the last time I've had lamb roasted so well. The flavor was full and the portions were generous for $6 a plate.

Elf control!

We decided to give up on taking any pastries home, and ate them while listening to the Greek band. I see no reason to let those elves get their grubby mits on them.



you are right, it isn't cheap to sample many different foods at the festival =) But it is all so tasty! We really enjoyed the Greek Sausages. They had orange peel in them and maybe Nutmeg?

We brought home a container of pastries as well. It is just too tempting as you walk away from the festival to get one last bit of deliciousness for the road.


Another comment, sorry for the barage of them, but I just read your comment that you might put up a coming events section on your side bar. That is a fantastic idea!! Not too far in advance, but like a weeks notice of events would be good.



Could the name of the mystery cheese be "kefalatori"?


Oh no! I didn't see this post until tonight. I would have LOVED to have gone today. Sigh. You even had the saganaki (which I still haven't had)and those baklava, etc. look so good! Oh, you're truly killing me. (sob) I'm going to cry myself to sleep now.


Hi JosephE - LOL! We need to control the "inner elf". The roasted lamb is probably the item that they do best.

Hi Lynnea - Thanks for your input. I'll try and see what I cn cook up with regards to an upcoming events calendar thing-a-majig.

Hi Ed - Thanks, that sounds about right. Very milky-salty cheese - very tasty.

Hi Kady - So sorry, I'll have to really try to do an upcoming events thing.


Hi Kirk,
We were out of town when this festival was taking place, so I'm glad that I at least got to experience it through your post! I love Greek food, so I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for it next year!


Hi Joan - It's one of the better organized festivals in San that roasted lamb is really good.

Dr. K


I'm glad you made it to the Greek festival. I was actually the guy in charge of the lamb booth! I'm sorry it wasn't ready for you this year. Introduce yourself next time around (I'm the only blond Greek guy around), and we'll be sure to take extra special care of you :)


Hi DrK - I'll make sure to introduce myself next year. No need for "extra special care", just the great lamb is reward enough!


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Festivals such as you described are so wonderful in that they encourage diversity and expose people to foods they might not otherwise get the chance to sample!


Hi Bill - Yes, you are right, these wonderful festivals expose us to different cultures and food.

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