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Tuesday, 13 June 2006



Hi Kirk--you know, I've been eyeing the Chinese celery and celery-lettuce on my Asian market visits, wondering how they get used. Inspired by this post, I think I'm going to pick some up the next time I see it, and give it a go. (So many greens, so little time!)

And speaking of amusing signage (the Stinky Stinky Pot is definitely a winner!) does it also seem to you like all the Asian markets have standardized on calling that one bit of piggy "pork melt"? You may have seen my guess that they might actually mean "milt", which is the spleen--but as I have no idea what the hell a pig's spleen should look like, I could be totally off here. So what the heck is that stuff anyway? :-)


Hi mizducky - It is spleen - here's a recipe:


Hey Kirk!
I've also received some pretty surly service at the Hong Kong Supermarket - funny thing is, they're just as mean in the new york branch!



I need to go shopping! Unfortunately for me, the Goldnen Phoenix here is taking its sweet time remodeling (or fixing to close, can't tell), you live in San Diego, and Jo lives in North Carolina...*sigh* ;P Now that you feel so guilty and sorry *wink*

That store looks really nice, and the produce does look fresh. I don't think I have ever cooked with celtuce before, I will have to keep my eyes open. :)


old story already....that Kohala brand kim chee is owned and produced by Mike Irish, who also owns keoki's lau lau and Halm's kim chee.


Smelly Smelly (or Stinky Stinky)
Pot is a concept from Taiwan, where people love stinky tofu, a fried version of fermented tofu.

Anyway, it's a play on word, that the Taiwanese use to describe this type of HotPot eating.

Stinky cheese for dessert afterwards anyone?

Christine D.

Ugh, I dunno about you, but those boba balls look really nasty! Maybe it's the lighting, but their lighter-than-usual color makes them look like kibble.

Asian supermarkets seem to be springing up everywhere! I wonder how the locals take to them, especially the older caucasian ones.


Rude?! LOL! Me thinks that's part of the criteria for employment. We've got two SF Markets here in Sactown and hubby and I avoid it as much as possible.


For a sec I thought that frozen boba was tempeh. What are the cross streets of this Shu Fat?


Is the boiling point off of haliburton and hacienda?


Hi Kathy - So I guess you got the "standard service" there!

Hi Mills - No Golden Phoenix....what are you going to do. I hope the do open, I've got some fun memories of the place.

Hi RONW - I just didn't expect to see it in a Chinese-Vietnamese Market in Rowland Heights!

Hi Joanna - So I'm assuming it's hot pot with Chou Dofu. How interesting, the Missus loves Chou Dofu. I'm not very fond of it, though.

Hi ChristineD - Hope you're enjoying your summer. Yep, those Boba looked a bit "off". There are a ton of Asian Markets in the Rowland Heights/Diamond Bar area. 2 - 99 Ranch Markets(used to be a 99 "Green Market" as well - we used to see Monks shopping there), a Nijiya, SF Supermarket, Hannam Chain, Hankook, another Korean Supermarket that used to be California Market, something called Yamato on Gale, Hong Kong Market, India Sweet and Spices, and I think you could almost call TS Emporium a market of sorts...I'm sure I'm missing one or two. Talk about saturation!

Hi Jean - I guess it's the status quo...too bad, that's how stereotypes start.

Hi Elmo - It's right across the street from Hong Kong Plaza, you remember...home of the fried pork rectum!

Hi TS - Yep, right next to Malan Noodles.


I just had chinese celery last weekend for the first time. So good! Check out my upcoming post. I think you'll be proud of where we went to eat. :)


Hi Kady - I'm lookng forward to it!


*nod* I have such good memories with you and Jo. It doesn't seem like they are closing for good. There is a security officer that watches the front glass doors. I have seen a new neon sign indoors, and I am crossing my fingers and praying they will open soon. Oh there is a small Chinese store downtown, but it doesn't carry everything I am looking for, so I have to do a lot more driving to get all of my groceries. It isn't so much fun when gas is expensive.


Hi Mills - Well that is good news!


Ahh I know exactly where it is now. Let's use the fried pork rectum place as the point of reference for all your future travels to Rowland Heights! ;-)


Hey Elmo - Will do, I guess we can use that as a landmark.....would rectum-fy location problems!


Wow that celtuce sure looks strange. Do you peel off those brown bits? I love boba tea but I don't think I could ever be bothered to make my own ;) Good to know it can be found in supermarkets though.
Despite the bad engrish, the sign is quite sensible esp if it was over the clams ... that is the best way to spread hep B!


Hi Rachel - You peel off the layer of "skin" before eating - I've seen people eat this raw - in fact there's a movie called "The Girl From Hunan" where people are eating it throughout the movie.


I will have to take a trip there.

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