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Thursday, 22 June 2006



Hi ExtraMSG - Thanks for the correction - I have a tendency to put all Northern thai into the Issan category. I had thought about the khao man som tum - but had already eaten the special - I don't think I could've managed that!

Dave J.

Hi, Kirk. I came to your site from, and love it! It's always cool to see Portland through the eyes of a newcomer. And, I'm thrilled that you wound up at Pok Pok, one of my favorite new restaurants (and one that I'm a 5 minute walk from, which is definitely bad news for my food budget). Next time you are around, you should try Siam Society:

in the NE part of Portland. I've also really enjoyed reading about your food experiences in San Diego--it's where I grew up, and I've already sent your blog to my in-laws, who live there. I'm sure they'll appreciate all the information.


Hi DaveJ - Thanks for the kind words...and the recommendation. My list for my next visit to Portland is getting pretty big.

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