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Thursday, 22 June 2006



What a great hidden find! And excellent trip reports!


That papaya salad looks fantastic! It looks like the ones I had in Thailand. The papaya salads in San Diego seem to skimp on the dried shrimp; they taste alright, but I get bored of eating them halfway through.

The chicken looks great too. I'm not a huge fan of Saffron's chicken :(


Pretty awesome find Kirk! :) Hmmm I am thinking I must find some papaya salad!


Great find! If ever I'm in the Portland area, this is the place I would go! I'd love the guy running this place too! =)

Jim (BM)

Kirk, You did mention you were on vacation; but still posting almost every day. And I thought I loved my hobby! Hats off to you my food buddy!


Hi Scott - Not quite a "find", I think the foodies in Portland know all about the place. Very nice none the less.

Hi Howie - The chicken was very good, moist with lot's of flavor. Very good papaya salad.

Hi Mills - I hope you get a good papaya salad.

Hi Kristy - This Dude obviously loves the food He's shows.

Hi Jim - Well I took 2 days of vacation last week, and spent 3 nights in Portland. It was back to work(and blogging) this week.


hey kirk and missus!

all this time i never realized there were good eating establishments beyond the vastness of north county.

thank you for the enlightenment!

the possibilites are endless!

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,

This is literally next to my dad's auto shop. The papaya salad pictures made my mouth water and I suggested my mom try it out. But she says she never sees customers there so she just assumed it wasn't any good. And you know older Asian people are skeptical about white people cooking Asian food anyway...But I'll have to try it when I'm home next! Thanks for pointing it out. I usually go to Thai E-Sun (sp?) downtown when I've got a hankering for Northern Thai cuisine.


Hi DCCF - We missed you. The Pacific NW has alot of good grindz!

Hi WC - Pok Pok makes good street food - make sure you ask for the blue crab in the Papaya Salad, and for them to make it spicy. Only 6 items on the menu, but good stuff. I dare say almost as good as the Wat Thai Temple.


I can't wait to go to Portland now. It looks like it didn't rain the whole time you were there, either!


Wow what a find! I would love to try that papaya salad especially with the salted blue crab :)

I am a big fan of gai yang and moo yang (bqed pork) I just love the blend of spices it is marinated in. Glad you are finding such interesting places, both edible and non, on your trip!


Hi Kirk,

I'm in agreement with everyone else about the papaya salad. I'm going to have to eat some soon.


Sigh. All this is making me super-homesick for the Pacific Northwest--the terrific food as well as the atmosphere of its cities (like walkable neighborhoods, and little funky restaurants wedged into houses). Glad you had such a lovely time, Kirk!


Ay yah! The salted blue crab really pushed it over the top. You have me drooling - I'd even opt for some over bread pudding at this moment!


Hi Kady - It did rain quite hard on the Friday I was there - but only in the morning. Saturday was beautiful, as you can see.

Hi Reid - Very good papaya salad - who'd have thunk????

Hi Mizducky - I'm sure we'll be back in Portland soon.

Hi Kathy - The salted blue crab pushed it over the top for me as well!

elmomonster Portland trip's been postponed indefinitely. I'm bummed, but you've renewed my resolve with this post...hopefully before summer ends, I will get to Pok Pok. And what an interesting story!


Hi Elmo - Too bad man. Portland's a really nice city.

Passionate Eater

I love your series on Portland (as I loved your Yuma series). When are you going to put on a television series like "Kirk's Tasty Travels" or "$40 Mmm-Yosos a Day"?


Hi PE - I'm practicing RR's laugh right now...snort, snort!


Enjoying your portland reports. Great job. If you ever get back to Pok Pok, order the khao man som tum, which is the green papaya salad with coconut rice and and a caramelly braised pork.

(One little correction, though, Chiang Mai isn't in Issan. Issan is the Northeast part of Thailand bordering Laos, while Chiang Mai is in the north/northwest near Myanmar.)

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