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Wednesday, 21 June 2006



Hi Kirk,

Everything looks so good. I can't wait until my next visit to Portland (or even San Diego!). I'm definitely going to have to remember this place.

And those preserved strawberries...they do sound fabulous!


Oh I Love Chickpea fries. This great restaurant in Ashland OR has them with a spicy dipping sauce.

And yes the calif. lic. plate. I guess you won't be suprised when I tell you that Californians are not always well received by native Portlanders(or native Oregonians in general).

ed (from yuma)

Great post.

There used to be a bumpersticker that read "Don't Californicate Oregon."

After years of going through the Calif. inspection stations at the Ore/Cal border, one of my friends suggested that Oregon put up a Venereal Disease Inspection Station on the Oregon side.

And of course, rolling through a stop sign or red light is called a "California stop."



Wow what wonderful food! I would love to try the spruce ale, eventhough I am not a beer drinker in general. The chick pea fries looks delicious! :)

Ahhh I love an efficient piblic transpo system. ( Lived in Korea and Japan, and I am spoiled!) I just wonder when and where if we here in California will get. I am lucky to be close to some of the trains here, but it would be nice have some more! LOL

For driving I think it all depends on the person. What I hate (I've seen this in other states and cities) are the people that get into their cars, and think the rule to roads...*sigh* Even worse though are the people with expensive cars, and think they own the road.


Such gorgeous looking dishes! I've had some of my best meals eating alone at restaurants - you definitely get to know the waiters and staff on a more personable level. Ooh, lamb tartar and chickpea fries! And nice portion sizing so you can have a bit of everything!


Hi Reid - The strawberries were one of the highlites of the meal to be sure!

Hi Lynnea - It's the same in Washington State as well - I've been up there at least a dozen times over the years.

Hi Ed - Too funny. They need to take it easy on us Californicators......

Hi Mills - Loved the Spruce Ale. Mass transit in Portland was so very efficient.

Hi Kathy - I wonder how hard it would be to make chickpea fries??? Man, those were good. I really enjoyed the small plates/tapas concept.


It sounds like you had a great vacation. The fries and lamb look so good, it's making my stomach growl!

I'm sorry to hear about your run-in with some Californians :( I think San Diego has some of the worst drivers in the world. I wish someone would invent a teleporter and we wouldn't have to deal with cars at all anymore.


Kirk my dear, there is no way I can keep up with you. You've touched down so eloquently on so many foods and places! Wish I could have joined you particularly for the fries. Those sound so totally exquisite. Maybe I can grow some chickpeas and make them myself. I make falafel from scratch, why not fries?


Hi Howie - I really did enjoy myself.

Hi Jo - Why not? Those Chickpea fries were quite good! As you can tell, I really enjoyed myself.

Food Dude

Glad you enjoyed Park Kitchen. While there is an occasional flaw, other dishes usually make up for it. Also, thanks for the link :)


Hi FD - Thanks for dropping by. I'll put a link on my sidebar next time I update.


Hey Kirk,
What an exotic place. This chickpea fries sound soooo tempting. You did very well in choosing some exotic flavours, especially in the last two dishes :) I don't even know if I would eat lamb tartar. The presentation of all the dishes were beautiful though.

I am sure Sammy and Frankie will be very happy that Daddy bought them presents while he was away!

P/S love that totem pole!


Hi Rachel - I thought the presentation was quite nice. The lamb tartar was my favorite...or was it the chickpea fries??? Hard to decide.

Alice Q.

Hi Kirk - we had planned a trip to Portland last summer for a wedding. At the last minute I couldn't go, but we had planned on eating at Ripe or one of their other places, clarklewis or Gotham Building Tavern. Did you hear anything about those? We also contemplated Park Kitchen and Olea based on comments on Chowhound.


Hi Alice - I did consider clarklewis, they have the same owners as Ripe, and in fact they moved Morgan Brownlow over from Ripe. As it stood, I was fascinated with the menu and the more intimate setting at Park Kitchen, which worked out very well.


Park Kitchen No Ka Oi.

Visit us anytime, but please don't stay. . .

Oh wait, that's the long-discredited suggestion from our beloved late Gov. Tom McCall. Whatever. Nothing wrong with San Diego.

Next visit try my #2, Alberta St. Oyster Bar & Grill:



Alberta St. review should be here somewhere.



Hi mczlaw - Actually, Alberta St Oyster House was/is on my list, along with clarklewis, and an ever expanding number of restaurants. Thanks again for having such an informative site.

Passionate Eater

You are a strong man Kirk, to eat lamb tartar takes a lotta bravery! It does look very visually appealling though.


Hi PE - Really, I thought the lamb tartar was wonderful, and though a bit different, not particularly exotic. But then again, I enjoy good yukhwe.

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