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Monday, 26 June 2006


Cuisine Bonne Femme

Really wonderful post. I just published a guide to food carts in Portland:



Hi CBF - Looks great, I'll create a link when I have a chance.


Why must you taunt me: Los 3 Hermanos, Boonrod, New Taste of India, and Tacos y Burritos have since moved due to construction, and I have no idea where they went to.


Hi Phil - You have great timing. There's a new a wonderful Portland Foodcart Blog called...well, Portland Food Carts. So perhaps Cuisine Bonne Femme can help you.


Since moving to Portland recently I've fallen in love with food carts. Lots and lots downtown. But several very good ones over in Sellwood.


Hi Louisa - Footcarts are one of the things that I love about Portland.

Truck Bed Covers

Good blog about the food carts; however, one needs to due one's due diligence.

Be certain to check to make certain those vendors comply with the health standards, otherwise you might get sick.


Hi Mr/Ms Covers - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. A few things to clarify, this is a food blog, not a blog about food carts. There is an excellent blog about Portland Food Carts:

Because your IP address is from Pittsburgh, you may not be aware that Portland has stringent regulations for Food Carts, which is probably one of the reasons they are so successful.

But of course... if YOU did your "due diligence" you'd know.

Mellisa Verheul

Follow "The Lovin' Spoonfull" in Portland, OR. My sister and I are in our 40's and creating this Lunch truck into our dream. Look at the photos and see for yourself. We are very proud of not having any FRIED FOOD!! Spring and I would love for any feedback on convering. Thank for your input on lunch wagons.

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