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Monday, 26 June 2006




nothing better than the sight of multiple food carts!!!

only problem i have is choosing which one... and then, you pick one and end up second guessing yourself.. i guess its a good problem to have, but sometimes too many choices makes my brain work too hard.. duh..


Hey DCCF - Remind me never to take you to a Vietnamese Restaurant - you know, the ones that have like 500 items on the menu - we call it Vietnamese Menu overload!



Reading your food cart post reminded me of my old college days- they were a major food source for me when I was a starving student! Portland looks like a fun town to visit- glad you got a mini vacation in!


OH MY! Food carts, food carts, make me a match! How does one choose?

Guilty Carnivore

Thx for doing our home town so proud. I'll be in San Diego (which was once my home town) in early July, and I'm having fun scoping the wealth of information on your site for some good ideas!

ed (from yuma)

Amazing. Those carts weren't there (or were very rare) back in the early 80s when I was hanging in Stumptown.

Amazing pics. thanks again for sharing.


What the pho?! That's freakin' awesome! No idea Portland was such a kooky city! Do I sound like a jaded Californian yet?

Ellen T. Brenner

Ah yes, home-grown organo-groovy street art. That's another thing I remember fondly about the Pacific Northwest. There are bunches of folks up there who also lavish some truly funky work on so-called "art cars"--mobile works of art enlivened by paint as well as anything that can possibly be welded or epoxied onto a motor vehicle.

Geez, Kirk, with each of these Portland posts I'm getting more and more homesick for the Northwest! (Alas, I understand they're getting miserably hot weather too right now, or else I'd be really bugging out...)

Passionate Eater

Those carts totally remind me of the Mexican food van that used to pull up near the construction site near my old apartment. Everytime I walked by, the smell was amazing! Food carts need to have a song like how ice cream trucks do--that way, I'd come running like crazy every time I heard a jingle in the streets!


Hi Joan - Portland was a very nice little trip.

Hi Kristy - Follow your nose, it always knows..... ;o)

Hi GC - Portland did all the work, I just wandered I took photos. Let me know if I can be of any assistance for your trip to San Diego.

Hi Ed - Funny, I get the feeling that you may have never left, had these carts been there then.

Hi Elmo - Spoken like a true OC'er! Of course we know you're not like that...are you???

Hi Ellen - I've got a groovy photo of some bicycles stacked on one another and chained to a lamp-post, maybe I'll include it in my last Portland post this weekend.

Hi PE - Don't know...pedestrian mortality rates might increse dramatically.

Passionate Eater

Hm, never thought of it that way. I guess it is a safety precaution not to have those jingles then.


Hi PE - Only if you're like me of course..........


That's awesome. I love food from roach coaches and carts. I like that they specialize only in a few dishes.


Hi EDBM - Pretty neat stuff, huh?


Hi Kirk,
I loved all of your Portland posts but this one really intrigues me. This is my kind of block! I wonder how crowded this area can get.

I fondly remember days at the beach eating a bowl of chili and rice from one of the lunch wagons, then hopefully a shave-ice wagon stops by for a ice cream/azuki bean treat.....


Hey Jack - Welcome back! Yes, those good old, lunch wagon huna-budda days......

Alice Q.

Those look like fun. I wonder why we don't have more stuff like that down here?


Hi Alice - I think the DOH in SoCal has many more hoops to jump through, to the point that I heard that Taco Trucks might be eliminated.


That looks like so fun! If you're interested in reading more about foodcarts, you should check out our new blog at! It's only just started, come help us out!


Hi imarc - Very nice.

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