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Tuesday, 20 June 2006



First off... I LOVE comfort foods...mmm mmm mmm! I absolutely loved my mom's moist meatloaf with rice.

And I hear ya with the Chinatowns like in DC. I took the subway just to get there and was sorely disappointed to find out that there was nothing there to do, see, or eat! bah! Wish they had a garden like the one in Portland! Very beautiful! =)

clare eats

We have a pretty good chinese gardens in syd too, I will have to go and try and take some pics for ya


Those gardens look great! You know what's funny? I'm from D.C. and I never really went to "Chinatown" because I knew it didn't compare to NY's (plus we have good Chinese food throughout northern VA, where I was raised).

Wandering Chopsticks

The Asians don't really eat in Chinatown, although they use the restaurants for wedding banquets. If you ever go back to PDX, the good Asian restaurants are on the other side of the river on the SE side of town (where the majority of the Asians also live). Several new Asian strip mall restaurants have opened up recently too.

BTW, the nickname "stumptown" is because when PDX was founded, all the tree stumps did literally make it a "stump town."

Passionate Eater

I love the pictures of Portland Kirk, they are beautiful! I know what you mean the disappointing nature of those hard, dried potatoes. It is really a let down when you are expecting soft, warm, and fluffy potatoes with only a crisp (and not tough) exterior.


Hi Kirk,

Gosh, you were up early....just like if you were at work? When I'm on vacation, I like to try and doesn't work though. I'm normally up early and don't go to bed until late...*sigh*


Hi Kristy - It's kind of a project of mine to visit every "Chinatown" in cities I visit.

Hi Clare - I'd love to see some photos.

Hi Kady - I can understand that. I really don't visit Chinatowns for food - it's just that the Chinese Diaspora fascinates me.

Hi WC - I did read about the origin of the Stumptown monnicker. As I notes above, I have other reasons for visiting Chinatowns in every city I visit.

Hi PE - As is usual, the city(Portland) did all the work. I just aim(sometimes not even that) and shoot.

Hi Reid - Funny thing, when on vacation I usually get up pretty early. I love to watch a city "wake-up".


BTW WC - I did entertain the thought of bussing it out to Wong's King or Shenzhen, but decided not to. How's the food there?

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,

Wong's King is pretty good for PDX. But if you're used to SoCal large Chinese banquet/dimsum restaurants, then it's not that special. I haven't heard of Shenzhen but then I only go home for a quick weekend to visit my folks.

My mom took me to a new Malaysian restaurant, and there's a banh cuon place too, as well as a few more pho shops.


Hi WC - Well, we lived in the SGV for almost 5 I'm used to both, the large Dim Sum style restaurants, as well as the smaller shops selling regional Chinese cuisine - like ChungKing on Garfield and such. That said, I don't mind ABCDEs(American Born Chinese Dining Establishments) so long the food is decent. Still I do miss my favorites....MeiLong Village, all the Muslim Chinese places, etc.


Nice pics of the Chinese Gardens, I can almost feel the peacefulness of the place!!


Yay for a well deserved vacation! Oh man, breakfast is the best meal of the day (after dessert of course!) (and maybe!) I'm sorry the overall food wasn't that great but the ambiance looks pretty inviting to me. Nothing like early moring light and comforting pastels :)


Hi Kyle - The Gardens were very nice and relaxing.

Hi Kathy - Don't know about breakfast being the best meal of the day....but, San Diego does really good breakfast - too bad I don't take as much advantage of it as I should.


I'm sorry your experience at Mother's was so so. My husband and I really enjoyed our visit there last fall. We had lunch though so that may have been the difference. Maybe next time you go to Portland you'll have try Mother's at lunch or dinner time.


Hi Lynnea - On the positive side - the service was very nice, and the Stumptown Coffee was very good.


Oh good point, Mother's has fabulous service!


Hi Lynnea - Yes, it was. Such very genuinely nice people.


Portland is in the process of gentrifying Chinatown trying to make it more tourist and event friendly. For a while now it's been a seedy Chinatown with crack whores, gay meat markets, adult bookstores, and homeless shelters. But now they've built the Chinese garden, forced out Hung Far Low, and are redoing the roads and empty spaces. We'll see what it becomes.

As Chopsticks indicated, the real Chinatown in Portland is along 82nd Ave, but not just SE. It runs from relatively far NE down to pretty far SE. Tons of Chinese and Vietnamese especially, plus some Korean and Thai and some very nice markets, such as Fubonn where Malay Satay Hut and Banh Cuon Tanh Dinh are, which Chopsticks alluded to. Personally, I think Wong's King is in the same class as really good dim sum restaurants in BC and California.


Hi ExtraMsg - I'll make sure to check them out on my next visit - now that I have a better understanding of how good mass transit is in Portland - it seems that nothing is beyond one's reach.

David Anders


This article was very helpful! This is more of a question, are there any Asian jewelers is Chinatown area?

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