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Thursday, 29 June 2006



That lechon kawali sure looks good! Your right about timing Kirk, if you buy it during certain times you get a bad batch. The Goldielocks restaurant up here seems like they serve it days old which makes the skin tough to chew so I usually make my own.


Whoa. That REALLY looks and sounds good! =) Hmm... I live Filipino food!!! Especially when my neighbors have big family get togethers and they give us a big plate of food too! (Yes, they're Filipino.) =)

But the name... point. point. joint. hmm...sounds a little um... That Seventy's Show. ;)

Christine D.

Reminds me of how my friend used to "poke poke" our fatty area on our tummy. Don't know why she liked to do that, and i found it weirder that she even did that to...fat people! That lechon kawali looks good!

You should point at everything at the counter and see what they'd do. haha. Or flirt and point at the server with a coy look on your face. Hmm, but i don't think that the Missus would appreciate that...haha!


Hi Jean - You know, I have a recipe for lechon kawali, but I'm afraid to use it....I might end up eating waaay too much! ;o)

Hi Kristy - It is isn't it? Groovy....

Hi Christine - Well the Server behind the counter was a Guy.....and he might've taken it the wrong way, and I REALLY don't think the Missus would've appreciated that! If I pointed at everything, I would've gotten everything....I'm sure they've seen that before! LOL!


LOL kirk ... gotta love a place called a joint restaurant. Wonder if there are any under the counter items ;)
It never ceases to amaze me the multiculturalism of the US. I wish we had Fillipino restaurants here in Aus. I am sure they might be around if you hunt very hard for them in a big city, but again its a cuisine tht is relatively unknown here. Thanks for posting about such different cuisines on your site!


I went to PPJ once. Was going to a potluck and thought I'd bring some pancit and lechon. But the only thing I could point-point to was the roach-roach on the steam table. I'm convinced that Pilipino food is much better prepared at home.


Hi Rachel - I'm sure there are a few.

Hi Toison - So I guess you point-pointed yourself to the exit, I've never had a problem here. I don't have my friends Lola to make me good Filipino grinds, also I really don't want to eat an entire plate of pancit, or 2 pounds of lechon, and PPJ is fast and you understand my point-point?


I wish I had known about that a year and a half ago when my husband was stationed in National City for a month. He stayed at the Holiday Inn so I spent the weekends with him. It was a little scary down there with gunshots at night but during the day I could've used some Point-Point chicken!


FYI Kirk, if you got the recipe with the bay leaf in it then your lechon kawali will never taste like pork like how God intended it to be. Keep it simple (with a bit of rock salt, whole pepper corn, and msg - a tad at least). Air dry overnight and then deep fry to a golden brown. The dish will kill ya but at least you'll die going to heaven.


Kirk, you've got a fantastic blog here. I am uber-impressed -- have you considered writing reviews for the Reader? I seriously think they would consider bringing you aboard.

One restaurant I noticed you may not have tried, but may enjoy, is Yakitori Yakyudori on Sixth Ave in Hillcrest. GREAT yakitori, and they have two "top ten" favorites list -- one for gringos like me and one for their many, many Japanese customers. I tried menu items from both and loved it. If you go, I highly recommend the rolled pork with shiso leaf.

Again, thanks for this great blog!


Hi Jean - I don't have that recipe fact I've been looking for it, and can't find it. My good friend's Mom wrote it down - I don't remember Bay Leaf...I'll probably never make it anyway, just imagine how I'd look after stuffing myself silly with a couple of pounds of lechon kawali!

Hi Kady - There's some pretty good eats in the area. Zarlito's, Villa Manila, Karlihan, Conching, Manila Sunrise, I know I'm forgetting a few; and that's just Filipino food.

Hi Pat - Thanks for the kind words. I've got both Yakitori Yakyudori and K-1 on my list. I've even taken a photo of the front to know, the "What is Yakitori?", and the "We Dont Serve Sushi" in hardware store lettering! As for writing....I'm really not a food writer. And though many people seem to think so, I don't do restaurant reviews. I just show you what I ate, and what I thought about what I ate...more impressions, than reviews, along with a few silly tidbits. I also want to make sure that you can find the place, so I try to give you a storefront as well. I'm just an eater....not really a writer. Thanks again for stopping by; I'd love to hear more comments from you, so don't be a stranger.


Ok, Kirk, I just might have to head down ot National City today for some filipino food. Point-Point was the first type of this restaurant in Nat. City many years ago and there use to be a line way out the door.


Hi Jack - I've heard that Karihan and Point-Point are the 2 really, "old-time" places in the area.


i 2nd the yakitori suggestion. their happy hour is great too. i can't remember how cheap the food is, but the beer is half price!


Hi Dave - Well, now that the rec' has been seconded - I'll have to make sure to try!

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