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Monday, 05 June 2006


Christine D.

When I saw "Nhu Y," I thought that you made a visit to Orange County! But alas, this is a different restaurant, haha. Hmm, I haven't have Bun Cha Ha Noi for a while, and it seems like the perfect meal for the warm weather we've been having (or had...i think it's gonna cool down for a few days??).

But if you're ever up here and want to try that whole fried catfish again (haha we're gonna make you keep eating it until you really love it!), our Nhu Y restaurant has it. I don't know if it's one of the best in the area, but my family has been eating it there for a while so I guess it's pretty good. Tables are a bit small though for that course.

clare eats

I love Bun cha hai noi! love making up all the little rolls mmmmmm :)


Wish I could try that catfish dish. It really sounds yummy. Someone else recently commented to me here in Aus about not liking "muddy tasting fish" I find that a strange coincidence as I had not come across this sort of description for fish. I personally dislike the fishy taste of most fish but I find that catfish doesn't have that thick skinned fish taste, especially found in cuts near the belly eeew.

Anyway glad you found a new haunt that seems pleasant and serves authentic cuisine.


I dont think I have ever seen morning glory as part of the garnish outside of Vietnam. It is definately one of my favorites and I think you pretty luck to have found a place that puts it in its garnish plate.

Joseph E

That is one beautiful platter of Bun Cha! Thanks for the link to that other article about it. You don't often see presentation like that for a $6 dish, or a server that remembers you on the second visit at any price.

ed (from Yuma)

yep, looks good. Just what I need to know about - another restaurant I need to eat at!


Hey Kirk,

Inspired by your post, I went over to Nhu Y with my friend for lunch. We had the Bun Cha Ha Noi to split and Bun Chao Tom Cha Gio for me and a similar dish for my friend, except for his had BBQ pork. Everything was very tasty, especially the egg rolls and the BBQ pork. I don't mind shrimp cake, so I liked it. I am a little embarrassed to say this was my first Vietnamese culinary experience, and I must say I am very pleased. This place is definetly going to enter my rotation. I was also charmed by the neighborhood, which somed like a neat melting pot of cultures. Thanks for the find and recommendation!



Mmm...bun cha for summer, what could be better than a salad that has charbroiled beef!

Hey did you know that noodlepie did a post about your post?! It's like the universe folded into itself in a quantum paradox!


You brave soul. The most pungent and saltiest dish. I bet you were drinking alot of water that day.
Anyways let me know if you need any help preping any viet dish ;-)
My specialty is Pho - Beef pain in the ass and chicken so easy to make.


Looks like a good Pho place! I have to admit the interior looks really 80's. The white tiling, the neon sign, the pale green seats. Nothing wrong with that though!


Hi Christine - Man, you said it would cool down, and as soon as you wrote it....zap! It cooled down - I think you should change your major to meteorology! LOL!

Hi Clare - It is a very nice and fun dish!

Hi Rachel - Being raised on Salt Water fish, I've found that most fresh water fishes - i.e. Tilapia, Catfish, Bass, etc....have a muddy flavor I don't care for. On the occaision I find something that doesn't taste muddy I enjoy it!

Hi MEalcentric - Thanks for the info! I was wondering what that was.

Hi JosephE - I guess we must've really stood out, or maybe I asked alot of questions......

Hi Ed - Well, we've got to keep finding new places so you don't get bored, right? :o) Pretty soon you'll be needing to spend a whole month here.

Hi Ted - I'm glad that you enjoyed Yourself. I find it so gratifying. There's much to be discovered in the area, it can keep you quite busy!

Hi Elmo - Isn't that funny! Two of us post about trying Vietnamese dishes we hadn't tried before:

And we both got the elusive MEalcentric to make an appearance.

Hi nhbilly - I think that's how I'll order it next time...."can I get a Pain in the Ass Dac Biet"!

Hi James - I think the only Pho' you'll get here is Pho' Ga' - The Chicken Noodle soup. I don't recall seeing Pho' Bo on the menu.


Hi Kirk,
I'm glad you tried both of my favs at Nhu Y out. I'd say it's an acquired taste with Vietnamese "bun mam". However, you'll find the "pungent" taste addictive :).


Hi Larry - Thanks again for the recommendations. I really enjoyed the Bun Mam, it didn't take me long to acquire a taste for it! I'm pretty sure my Buddy Ed will really enjoy it next time he's around here. People were really nice to us as well.


I must visit this place very soon! I haven't tried either of these dishes, but they look fantastic. I'm a sucker for any dish with pork belly in it.


Hi Howie - The soup is worth trying. I really like the strong pungent broth.


Hi Kirk,
I kind of like our local food scene here. The world seems to be a little small... when you travel as far as the other side of world that serve the "same" food as you'd have in your home town. It's fantastic.
Happy eating.


Hi Larry - Yes, most things are very accessible, and people as a whole are very nice.


Hmm, I might have to try them again. Our first and only experience there was not great-- I got the grilled pork with thin noodles and spring rolls (uh... bun thit nuong cha gio?), kind of a "benchmark dish" for me. The cha gio were burnt and the meat was tough and gristly... not tasty. Everything you ordered looks good though, maybe we just caught them on a bad night.


Hi SK - If you weren't totally turned off by your meal or any other "things", it might be worth another try. One of the reasons I include photos is specifically so you can see what I eat, and in this case I guess it's pretty useful. I wouldn't want you to take me completely on my word(s)......


Hi Kirk! I know this post is old, but I just wanted to mention that this place has changed its name to Thuan Kieu (I wonder if that's meant as a pun!). The menu, or at least the Dac Biet page, still looks just like your photo. Of course I had to have the bun mam -- you know what a sucker I am for hearty Vietnamese soups -- and I loved it like crazy. The waitstaff, however, was very concerned that this Euro-looking lady wanted to order the smelly soup; the waitress did her best to try and point me to another and I had to gently-but-firmly insist I knew what it was and I knew what I wanted! The older gentleman who then delivered the soup hesitated before putting it in front of me, and again I was warned about the smelly soup. I think they were amazed and amused when I did lash into it with great gusto -- definitely pungent but sooooo good! Anyway -- thought you'd be amused too.

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