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Sunday, 04 June 2006



Neato Kirk! Congratulations!!! :) Pretty darn impressive!


Hi Kathy - I thought it was kind of funny!


Hey Kirk,

That's great! You got recognized by Food and Wine for having one of the greatest blog posts for the week!

Great job! I'm excited for you.

Joseph E

Amazing as it may seem, this is the first use of the phrase "cheese sandwich uproar" on the entire internet. Google doesn't have a single result for it. However, I think I found the page you were talking about when I removed the quotes:
Is this it?



Pretty cool Kirk, pretty cool....


Hi Reid - Just never thought I'd ever do anything "worthy".....

Hi JosephE - It did cause a bit of an uproar when it weas written.

Hi Jack - Thanks, pretty neat, huh?


Hey Kirk,

At least you got recognized -- which is better than most of us!


Hi Reid - That's exactly the reason I was so surprised.....there is so much, much, better in FoodBlogLand.


hey Kirk, that is sooo cool!


Hi Stef - Thanks, much.

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