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Sunday, 04 June 2006



Kirk, where do you find out about all of these interesting cultural experiences?


I always wondered what al pastor was! I'm from chicago and then dc/va metro area so my understanding of mexican food if very weak. but what is the difference between al pastor meat and say a gyro?


Hi Ted - Websites such as -

Help alot. I'm also pretty aware of posters and stuff in the neighborhoods I frequent. Don't miss the Greek Festival next weekend!

Hi Jenni - Well Al Pastor is thinly sliced pork that has been marinated in herbs and seasonings, and is served on a Trompo("top"). Al Pastor literally means "Shepard's Style" - so Shepard's Style Tacos, Burritos, etc. The story goes that this type of spit-grilling meat was brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. Apparently, this type of cooking first originated in Puebla, where there is a large population of Lebanese. I really started learning about these on a quick road trip to Yuma:


Hi Kirk,

Good to see that you're able to make all of these little fairs in your area. I've missed quite a number of them because of work and I really wanted to catch some of them too. Hopefully I'll be able to go to the Taste of Honolulu this year.


Over the hot weekend, I would have been very happy with trying all of the fruit drinks. They are so refreshing.


Hi Reid - We haven't been able to make quite as many as in the past, but we try our best - I look forward to your report on Taste of Honolulu!

Hey Jack - Boy was it hot!


Hiya Kirk, ya know you don't have to respond to this post but I'm gosh darn proud of you! I read the two Recent Posts
"City Heights International Village Celebration
Did you happen to catch mmm-yoso.... "


That fetival surely sounds interesting Kirk, definitely something I'd like to see. Hmmm I think that al pastor would have been tastier but *pat on the back* I think you chose the healthier option :) Also possibly good to try something from another part of the country if you don't plan on going to Louisiana ;)


hi kirk! Sorry it's been so long. So I'll bite, what's a tijuana hot dog?

Green Turtle

Did you ask that place selling the TJ style dogs if there are any taco shops in SD that sell them or can one only get them at streetfairs here?


Hi Jean - Well, I try to respond to as much as I can. But all I can say is, thanks that is so very sweet!

Hi Rachel - I've got to say, it was Big Ernie who reeled me in!

Hi Penny - Long time no hear from! It's a bacon wrapped hot dog, on a large bun, with various pickled veggies or other things on top. A double nitrite, double fat, double whammy!

Hi Green Turtle - I've tried to email you, to no avail, with this excerpt from the Reader:

Guayson's Hot Dogs
2941 National Avenue, 619-232-0029. Hector and Becky's hot dog place used to be a cart on 25th Street. Now they have a real shop. Some might mourn the move up, but the essentials haven't changed. What they sell is Tijuana-style hot dogs -- that is, sausages wrapped in bacon. The only difference from what you get on Avenida Revolución: these are bigger, and they're turkey meat, but just as scrumptious. Squishy, rich, flavored with jalepeño, ketchup, mayo, onion, roasted chiles. Also delish: elotes (shucked corn, melted butter, mayo, cheese, hot sauce, lemon). Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; until 2 a.m. Friday and Sunday. Inexpensive. -- E.B. (3/06)

Sound promising???


I need to come down to San Diego! Too bad I can't come to Comic-con and see you all!


Hi Mills - Comic-con would give you an excuse......

Green Turtle

Sorry for the email bounce, you have to manually remove NOSPAM from the address. It's to thwart spammers that use automatic email address harvesters that comb the web. I'll have to check out Guayson's next time I'm in that area. Just wish more of the mom & pop taco shops would have them as they don't seem very hard to make.


Hi Green Turtle - Got it! No problems, I just wanted to make sure you knew about that place. Make sure to let me know how you like it!


LOL it definitely would give me an excuse, but I think I rather see you both than comic con! LOL ;P It was realyl fun having you up here, and you are pretty funny in person. :)

Steve Churchill

just ran across your comments,...


Kirk, where do you find out about all of these interesting cultural experiences?

Posted by: Ted | Sunday, 04 June 2006 at 08:47 PM

Hi Ted - Websites such as -

Help alot. I'm also pretty aware of posters and stuff in the neighborhoods I frequent. Don't miss the Greek Festival next weekend!
THANKS! Any suggestions or requests are greatly appreciated! Steve Churchill

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