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Wednesday, 07 June 2006



I suppose you could have thrown der Wienerschnitzel into the mix. Honestly, I think all of that stuff is strictly weekend food and NOT, I repeat NOT work day food.

I have never had to run the the bathroom as fast as the one and only time I ate at Wienerschnitzel.

Gross but true. And we make jokes of it now.


Hi Scott - "I suppose you could have thrown der Wienerschnitzel into the mix." Well not if I wanted to live to see Monday! Honestly, I'd never been into a Wienerschnitzel until like two years ago, and I lived to tell you about it.


funny, that... does anyone like Wienerschnitzel? i went to one 5 years ago to get a polish sandwich and walked back out without ordering b/c the grease and dog fumes were nauseating. how are there so many of them?!


LOL good to hear your woodie was well-assembled :) Just your pics and descript won me. The tommy dog looks sad. And there is absolutely no place for sliced tomato on a chilli dog! And the texture of that chilli sounds a little yukky.

If you visit Sydney I recommend this famous pie and hot dog place called Harry's. It is a wagon by the wharf but its been around for 60 years or so and its open till 4 in the morning and its crowded even at 2 am! The chilli dogs are awesome with crunch and lots of beef and onions in the chilli :)


Kudos to you for eating two chili dogs from two different chili dog joints in a row for a reader request. Extra points for the woodie double entendres.


Hi CSB - I thought the fries were ok at the "schnitzel", and I know alot of people who love that place.

Hi Rachel - sounds mighty delicious.

Hi Elmo - A promise is a promise, though it took me a while to get to it.

Jim (BM)

It's been years since I had a Woodie...I'm headed for Clairemont!


Hi Jim - LOL! Enjoy your Woodie.....

Joe Crawford

There are some other Hot Dog recommendations at


Hi Joe - I actually commented to the post on August 15th of last year. I really do enjoy the San Diego Blog. In what may be some irony, when I first started mmm-yoso back in May of '05, I sent an email to see if I could be included in San Diego Bloggers twice - but got no response - so I figured you all didn't want anything to do with me.


Try the new Jimmi's Red Hots in Carlsbad.

They have rippers!!!!!

Didn't try the chili, but the "squealer" which is a frank, fried in the oil until it rips with a slice of bacon around it is a wonder.



Hi Victor - Thanks for the recommendation - I'll make sure to check it out when I'm in the area.

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