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Thursday, 08 June 2006


Joseph E

Give the Missus my thanks for two reports (both) El Comal places. I know it's not her favorite style, or yours, but we all need more help sorting out the 10,000 mexican restaurants in thistown. This looks like a good spot!

I could have some of that Nopal salad right now.


Yeah, I was like... Whoa! That's a while lotta food! muhahah! And I only like so much taco shop garbage in LA...muhaha! Typically, from Paco's, Tito's or the taco truck that stops by every day. ;) And that empanada sure looked way cheezy for sheezy. hahah! Great post, as always! Can't wait for my stay in San Diego later this summer! I'll give you two a ring when I head south!


Hi JosephE - Yes, it's good to know that Mexican food in San Diego is not some endless line of Taco Shops.

Hi Kristy - You know, we used to eat at Paco's Tacos in Rowland Heights, before they razed the whole area to build Costco.


Have you tried "Tacos El Gordo". It's as close to mexican street stalls as you can get in SD. The quality is just SUPERB and it's real cheap to boot :).


I share your wife's aversion to cheese, refried bean retreads of Mexican food. It's like always going to Panda Express whenever Chinese food cravings come. There's more to Chinese food than that -- same goes for Mexican. Although I love the retreads when I get in that mood, this looks like the real deal -- real Mexican as Mexicans would eat everyday. And again you're blazing new trails by showing them. I've never seen half of the dishes you mention. Yet more kudos!


That IS a lot of food. I love horchata and that sandwich looks good (and adventurous).


Hi Larry - Please see my response to your comments on the Reyberto's post. Thanks for the rec.

Hi Elmo - Thanks, but I don't think I'm blazing new trails.....just trying as good variety of foods.

Hi Kady - The Torta was good, as was the Huararche, but the soup was the real winner.

Jeffrey Chow

I think you have one of the most adventurous gullets I've ever had the pleasure of meeting/reading about. And what gets me is that you dig Szechuan food (with your background that you mentioned in a previous entry on day 4 of your wife's feasting).


Hey Kirk!
I've never had proper Abondigas before, much less cactus! The way you described the meatballs reminds me of a good bowl of matzo ball soup :) What is on top of the potato empanada - is it a cheese sauce?


Hi Jeffrey - I loove Sichuan - good Sichuan, that is. I was raised to try everything once, and growing up in Hawaii there was always a great variety of food available. But still, tendon, many Mexican dishes, Xiao Long Bao, and many other dishes have become favorites, though I never had them until I moved to the Mainland.

Hi Kathy - Come to think of it, I've never had proper Matzo Ball Soup before.......and yes, too much cheese on and in the empanada!

Jeffrey Chow

I remember the first time I tried szechuan style food (authentic). My aunt lives in Hacienda Hts and this was the time when the mainland Chinese started to come over about 10 years ago. My grandmother is from Szechuan and she said this place was good. They took me to a place where they did Fu Qi fei pien and Water boiled beef. I was in heaven. They did another type of dish with blood sausage type with I think offal. Not my most favorite cup of tea but with the spice of Szechuan pepper corns, hot peppers, and tons of garlic, I was in heaven. I think one of my other favorites is the tea smoked duck either served the original way or fried.
Oh, how I miss good szechuan food. There aren't any good places in Phoenix.
Sorry for the ramble.


Hi Jeffrey - Funny you should mention Hacienda Heights. I don't know if you know this, but the Missus lived in Diamond Bar and Rowlands Heights from 1991, so maybe She knows the restaurant you mentioned. We also lived in the area after getting married from '97 - '01, when we moved to San Diego. Boy, do I miss the great prices and selection. Though I do think if we were still in LA, I wouldn't have tried the variety of items as I have here in San Diego.

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