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Thursday, 15 June 2006


Passionate Eater

Have a great trip Kirk! (Great that there will be a hiatus, b/c I'll have time to catch up with your other posts that I missed on my vacation!)


Have fun! Before you leave, check out the post that I JUST posted. I'm dedicating it to you and your wife.


Hi PE - I'm just glad to have your comments again!

Hi Kady - I did check out your post:

Thanks so much, for the dedication, I don't quite know what to say...or type. But the main thing is that you enjoy your meal. Much Mahalos!!!!


Have a safe trip Kirk! Make sure you take a ton of pics cuz we like 'em a lot.


Hey Kirk-san! Hope you and the missus have a wonderful vacation! Safe travels and I'll see you real soon! =)

Ja Mata!


you can blog the airplane food ;-)
so take notes!


Have fun, Kirk! It sounds like you've got a lot of places there to check out. I hope you post about the highlights.

Joseph E

Have fun! Don't forget to take plenty of batteries for your digital camera. We wouldn't want to be left in the dark.


Enjoy Kirk!


Have fun and restful break from work and blogging!

yixiao from some like it haute

hey kirk, i JUST saw my link on your blog.. i feel incredibly flattered thanks!



I hope you're having a great time.


Hi Jean - Sorry, I only managed about 350 or so photos.....;o)

Hi Kristy - Thanks! This is a solo it advance scouting for a possible business trip later this year.

Hi nhbilly - I would've taken airline food photos, if we were served know how tightwad airlines are right now.

Hi Howie - I'll get going on those posts, hopefully tonight sometime.

Hi JosephE - Thanks....Funny thing, right before the trip, I attempted to purchase an additional battery for my camera - but it's a special order item - so I didn't get it. Lucky for me, the battery didn't fail! Got close a few times though.

Hey Jack - Thanks, man!

Hi Elmo - Whew, a bit tired. Now I need a vacation from my vacation......

Hi yixiao - Don't mention it. I really enjoy your blog.

Hi Reid - A bit too much fun. My butt is killing me from all the walking!

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