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Sunday, 21 May 2006


Passionate Eater

That they said it is "great for cat litter," means that someone had to have tried that spider skimmer in a litter box! Sick San Francisco minds!

Thank you for the step-by-step directions Kirk! I tried to season the last wok I bought at Ross, but I tried to season it on the stove, and it stunk up my non-ventilated, tiny, humid, and steamy apt. Out of laziness, I let it sit in the corner of the kitchen closet, where it gradually began to rust from the San Francisco humidity. (If you leave a bag of chips out for 1/2 a day, it will have absorbed all the moisture in the Bay Area air, and will be stale.) I'll try the next wok in the oven next time!

Colleen Cuisine

Wow - I never knew you were supposed to do that. No wonder I always end up throwing my woks away after a couple uses!


LOL! I love the extra "bonuses" :)


at only 15 bucks a pop, every ten years or so, i don't think i'll go ahead with my plans to open up a wok retail store anytime soon...

no wonder they charged you 13 bucks for shipping!!!

wok retailers need more people like colleen who treat them as disposable items.. ;)


thanks for the wok shop tip! my poor old wok, which is probably around 15 years old, is started to suffer from peeling as well.


Hiya Kirk,

Nice wok, and you are definitely on your way to having a wonderful wok. :) As I was reading I was wondering if you were going to try it out on the Big Kahuna! :)

DH has promised me a visit to the Wok Shop so I have been putting off buying a wok, but I don't see me getting one until next month. :( But I am so excited to have a nice relaxing trip to China town and the wok shop. I promised him that we would stop to get BBQ noodles for lunch. :)



I think we have the same wok! I too got mine from the wok shop (as a gift). And that set of utensils came with it too (except no spider).

I seasoned mine on the Big Kahuna. I use mine at least twice every week, so it's gotten a nice thin layer of black patina after only a few months of use. I hope it lasts me a lifetime.

Oishii Eats

THANKS Kirk! Perfect timing, I've been reminding myself to look for a wok! I remember passing by the Wok Shop in SF's Chinatown. I'm gonna check out the Wok Shop online instead of driving up there! Thanks bruddah!


Nice seasoning job!

I have a carbon steel wok that I've owned for a decade or more, but its seasoning is an absolute mess at this point--mainly because the seasoning info available when I first got it was, in hindsight, way inadequate. I really should strip it back to bare metal and start all over again, but I've been postponing that pain forever--pretty silly, because I'd have to go through the same rigamarole anyway if I bought a new one and started from scratch.

By the way, how about local wok resources? On my only visit to Chef City on Convoy, I was so focused on the cleavers that I can't remember a thing about the woks they carried. Any of them up to snuff?

Professor Salt

Do you have a photo of Big Kahuna somewhere on the site? I'm thinking about getting a big ol' outdoor propane burner. I've seen one at the homebrew shop that'll handle big kettles, and it'll probably work for a wok, too.


Hi PE - The same thing used to happen to me back home in Hawaii, the humidity used to "kill" things. I thought the novel use of the skimmer was pretty funny.

Hi Colleen - LOL! I always knew I'd done a crappy job seasoning my wok, but it still lasted over 12 years. I just didn't know the right way of seasoning a wok until I read Grace Young's book.

Hi Kathy - I thought it was a nice touch.

Hi DCCF - I'm thinking there's room for a multi-tasking skimmer in your next film.

Hi Dave - You might also want to try Chef City on Convoy, though I didn't care for the woks there. I'm thinking that my wok will last for at least 10 years so the shipping really didn't bother me.

Hi Mills - You crack me up. The words relaxing, and SF's Chinatown don't really seem to fit in the same sentence. Though I used to love walking down to Chinatown early in the morning and watch the place come alive.

Hi Elmo - Wow first the Kahuna, and now twin woks. I'm just hoping to be able to use my wok honorably.

Hi Jeni - Still might be fun cruising through Chinatown! Though driving around there is crazy.

Hi Mizducky - I did the "bend test" with some of the carbon steel woks at Chef City, and thought they were kind of thin, and they looked uneven. But I'm sure they're some good ones there.

Hi PS - Here's are links to my previous posts with the Kahuna:

I also ran outside and took a few quick photos and emailed them to you.

Barbara Fisher

Oooh, you got new woks! Pretty!

I can't wait to see more posts about them!

(Thanks for the link, btw!)


Hi Barbara - Well thanks to you, I found out that The Wok Shop did online business, so it's only appropriate for me to thank you!


Hi Kirk,

I need to purchase a new wok too, but I don't really use mine all that much anymore since I don't have a gas range here. *sigh*


Hi Reid - I used to use my old flat bottom wok on an electric stove in our old condo, was never as good as a gas stove, and you gotta make sure you have good ventilation, or all the msoke detectors will go off.


you are the wok seasoning master.. lol!!!!!


Hi DCCF - Yeah some master....I had to read the "manual" to get it right!



LOL Oh you should have heard my father in law when we rode through Chinatown! LOL But I do have to say sometimes it isn't so relaxing when it is so crowded, but it is so vibrant. But then again I love the open air market kind of crowd, so *shrug*


Hi Mills - It does seem like being transported to an entire different world.


I bought a carbon steel wok last year and foolishly tried to season and cook with it on my wimpy electric stovetop. The oil burned a few times, so had to strip it and try again... no good. It's just amazing that you got it right the first time!

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