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Saturday, 20 May 2006


Passionate Eater

Interesting about the Chinese Cultural Center Kirk! Call me narrow-minded, but I am reluctant to set foot in another Chinese Cultural Center, after I got my brand new digital camera stolen at the one in El Monte! Don't let me rain on your tasty meal. Thank you for finding an authentic (and quite unique) source for tasty Shao Loeng Baos! Now we gotta find one in SF!


it seems not xiaolong bao,
they look like tangbao(soup-dumpling) :)


Hi PE - I'm sure there are alot of Xiao Long Bao in San Francisco.

Hi Song _ I've heard these called Xiao Long Bao, as well as Xiao Long Tang Bao here in the US.


Hi Kirk - Thanks for the scoop! I'm definitely picking some up. Have you tried the frozen dumplings from the wholesale place off Convoy? The fillings are delicious veggies that are hard to come by and the skin is homemade and quite thin. I'm addicted!


I definitely need to make this dish. If and when I do, I'll take pictures and send them off to you.


Hi Candice - Which wholesale place on Convoy? We usually make our own Dumplings, but I wouldn't mind trying them out. These XLB were pretty good, if I were to be picky, I'd want a bit more soup, and thinner wrappers.

Hi Jean - I'd love to know how they turn out.

Christine D.

Wow! What a kooky place to purchase some frozen foods! I wonder if my old piano teacher had ever sold any foodstuffs. But I do remember all of the "oopsies" and pretending to practice when I'm really just sitting in the chair and staring at the wall.

Aww, i have yet to try these XLBs. All of your posts make them sound so yummy! I'll keep bugging my Chinese friends about where to get them. For some reason, they all think that I'm talking about a different kind of dumpling.

Btw, I couldn't help but smile when you said "viola" when you probably meant "voila." Haha, it's always funny when i see that or when people actually type "walla!" :)


Hi Christine - I guess it's appropriate for me to leave my "oopsie" as a permanent reminder as well! Ask your friends for steamed "soup" dumplings (not dumpling soup!!!!).


Hi Kirk,

WOW! Great find! I'm kind of jealous because I haven't found pre-made ones here yet.

BTW...have to been to Din Tai Fung in San Gabriel?


That's a great find! Isn't it strange where your search for great food take you?


Hi Reid - I think you may enjoy the XLB at Din Tai Fung, you won't enjoy the crowds though. I think the wrappers for the XLB there were much too thin for my tastes, but since you bring your wrapper calipers to measure thickness everywhere, you may like them.

Hi Howie - These were pretty good as frozen XLB go. And such an odd place to find them.


Hello - does anyone know of vegetarian xiao long bao in SD? Does SDCCCI carry any, or which wholesale place off of Convoy does? Thanks so much.


Hi Trent - Thanks for the Email, BTW! I'm glad Candice was able to provide you with some good info. I don't recall seeing Vegetable XLB on the "list", but we'll look it over again and let you know!


Hi, Kirk! I just found your food blog and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it! I've been lamenting San Diego's lack of good Chinese food for years (I was spoiled by San Gabriel's wealth of restaurants). Your food blog has given me a huge list of restaruants to try.

Did anyone ever find out where that wholesale dumpling place is on Convoy? Is it just the Dumpling Inn? (My inner Chinese finds it a bit too pricy to buy from them. )


Hi Michele - We still lament the lack of variety and quality of Chinese food in San Diego - but it seems to be getting better, albiet very slowly......

Thanks to Trent & Candice Woo - Here's the Address:

T & L Foods
7373 Engineer Rd, Ste A, San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 571-5328

Good Luck,



I tried to go to the San Diego China Center & Chinese Institute on Sorrento Valley Blvd and found that it isn't there anymore. Does anyone know where it's moved to?



Hi Aussie - You know, their website no longer exists either...let me do a bit off digging.


I found their new location.

It is 5915 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121 & the phone # is 858-657-9399

Can't wait to try it out!


Hi Aussie - Wow, great detective work!

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