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Monday, 22 May 2006



Nice shot of the egg noodles! I just bought some noodles from Chinatown and they're sitting in the fridge right now...begging to be made into a 10pm snack...


Dear Stalker Kirk: We went here last Sunday. The place was packed solid and we were the only non-Asians. He got one of the soups and I got the BBQ pork on rice (an extra 50¢ for rice, mind you; its all noodles there). The soup was not bad and the portion of rice was HUGE as was the 1/2 lb or so of nice BBQ pork. We noticed almost every table was getting something with duck and also papaya salads..nothing we could read on the menu....

It was OK and not bad but I do like Lucky more...because I cannot replicate Lucky at home and I could pretty much do this at home. We'll be letting you know (telepathically) where we would like you to visit this weekend...


Hi Kathy - I liked those noodles - everything else was pretty mediocre.

Hi Cathy - Now this is getting really scary! Hmmmm, let me concentrate......well it seems I'm not picking any "waves" right now, but I'm pretty sure Carl's Jr isn't in your weekend plans!


Hi Kirk,

Too bad about the won ton noodle. I like a nice flavorful broth myself, but in any case, this seems like quite a large bowl for $5.00.


These comments are funny. I've stalked Kirk before. I think we went to Asia Cafe on the same day, though I wouldn't have recognized you then.

It's unfortunate that the wonton weren't too good. Oh well, Mira Mesa is a bit far for me anyhow.


No, Howie, Kirk is stalking me...I go someplace and then he writes about it...It has happened at least 14 times since January...but now, you know, he has planted the seed of Carls Jr in my brain...that breakfast on a bun thing...1/4 lb burger, cheese, bacon, tater tots and catsup...all on a bun-no utensils needed...and $2.62 with tax....heaven! Darn it, this has to be a no-carb weekend for me (not a diet...i will be doing something *very* special on Tuesday morning and if I have carbs for 48 hours before, I will get sick)...


Hi Reid - The prices are good, though there are better places, with prices just as inexpensive in the area. It was a pretty good sized bowl of noodles and soup.

Hi Howie - We're just eaters passing in the night! LOL!

Hi Cathy - I like to think that maybe great minds think alike? :o) I've had that thing, I think it's called a breakfast about a calorie bomb, something like 900 calories! Arrghh, chest pain, chest pain........


geesh, don't you love those waiter experience? typical asain - I'm viet ;-)


Hi nhbilly - Well, I don't know what I can add..... LOL!


Hi, I've been following your eats blog for a while - and I love it! Keep up the good work, and thanks for always sharing your finds (with the yummy pics).

Anyhow, I just moved into a neighborhood really close to this place... so I stopped by to try out some of their noodles, and I must say that my favorite so far is the "Satay Beef Noodle".

I've never had this particular flavor of noodle elsewhere, so if some other shop has really good "Satay Beef Noodle" - please let me know! Otherwise, you should really give their Satay Beef Noodle a shot when you're in the area...

(people actually turn around to ask what we're eating when we order that because it always smells so good! hehe)


Hi James - Sound like a nice find! I usually never make it past the egg noodle soups. Tan Ky Mi Gia also has a location on El Cajon Blvd, next to World Foods if you're ever in the neighborhood, I don't know how they compare. I'll keep my eye out and let you know! Thanks for the comment, and the recommendation!

Kevin Ying

I've been there a few times w/ my family and once w/ co-workers. We usually have fried rice or noodles. I like the beef chow fun (dry) as it's my favorite dish. I can't rate their soup noodles since I almost never order it. My caucasian wife actually likes the dumpling egg noodle soup w/ char siu... maybe it's the MSG!


Hi Kevin - Thanks for dropping by! Interesting....I'll probably drop by the ECB location and see what's up. I really don't have problems with MSG, other then sometimes swelling, up or thirst, or....well maybe I do have some problems with MSG! Thanks again for the comment, I'll give the Chow Fun a try.

Tran Tien

Vietnamese dishes sold in Chinese restaurants are not authentic at all, and I myself never go to those that are owned by Chinese who used to live in VN (called Chinese Vietnamese)


Hi Tran - I don't think I wrote authentic anywhere on this post. Since when is Won Ton soup Vietnamese? I think people who read this post are smart enough to figure things out for themselves.


I'm quite surprised you didn't like the noodles here. The noodles are authentic, and extremely consistent.

You should try there combination fried rice. By far the best dish on their menu, also like everything else, the portion is very generous.


Hi Vincent - Well, I liked the noodles...if you read the post. I didn't like the broth. I've been here several times since this post, and have enjoyed the Beef Sate Noodle Soup...I don't know what you mean by "authentic" noodles....authentic chinese egg noodles? authentic mi gia style noodles? Sorry, but haven't had egg noodles in Vietnam, so I won't even say "authentic".

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