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Wednesday, 03 May 2006



LOL, Kirk! I had a pretty hard time "weaning" myself off rice when I started college in nyc last year, but I've been able to go weeks w/o it now :) You're the first to make me think of rice as an addiction. Oooh, but when the craving HURTS!



i'm blessed... i don't need rice or miss it much

it's all about tortillas and queso man!

that restaurant looks like Cal St. Fullerton Hawaiian Food or maybe Pepperdine.... ugly colors bro...


Oh man, you do have the rice jones bad, bro! Glad you got that taken care of, even if that joint didn't totally hold up on all other fronts. Geez, and those colors! If I recall correctly, the taco shop next door is pretty gaudy too--I'll remember to be wearing shades the next time I drive by that corner! :-)


Hey cool T-Shirt! A co-worker of mine has one that say "Got Adobo?" can guess where he's from.

I need to make one up that says "Got Soto?"

Of course only Indonesians will get it.


Heh...braddah, you know I feel your pain!


Hi Kathy - Weeks would be really tough. But I am eating alot less rice then when I was back "home".

Hi DCCF - We'll be taking away those Glen Miyashiro stripes!

Hi Mizducky - Man those colors are gaudy, but I guess if they are trying to get your attention.....

Hi Elmo - Hey inside jokes are cool! Though you might spend much of your time explaining what the statement meant.

Hi Jack - I can only imagine and shudder in complete terror....


Oh oops. Soto is a popular Indonesian rice soup. You might know it as "Soto Ayam". Don't tell me that you've never had it Kirk? :-) HAHAHA...Actually I meant to type "Got Sate"....which I'm sure everyone knows about.


BTW, Sate is better known as "satay" here in the states. But you know its Indonesian if you see it spelled "Sate".


Hi Elmo - Don't really know too much about Indonesian food, other then what I read about on your blog. We only have one restaurant in San Diego that does Indonesian/Malaysian food, and it is in the "book" as a Thai restaurant, so am not quite sure. We do intend on making it to Duarte Inn one day. I thought a "Got Shiokara" (squid intestines) would make a nice T-Shirt......


Hi Kirk,

I can't go for more than a couple of days without rice which explains why I am always in Asian restaurants when I'm on vacation!


Hi Reid - It's about once every three days or so for me now. But there are times I just gotta have it!


I'm not sure if I have quite enough Hawaiian in me to go for the Shaka Moco.


Hi Christian - LOL! I may not be man enough for a Shaka Moco.....


Hi Kirk,
Well I actually stumbled across your blog trying to find a phone number for Shaka. I have quite an interesting story with this restaurant and felt compelled to share it with you. I actually worked at this restaurant, and helped open it. If anyone who visited Shaka during its first month of operation is reading this, it's the Hawai'ian look-alike girl w/ the snakebite piercings. Anyway; I know your blog comments on the quality of the food and service, but let me introduce to you a side of this restaurant that you probably would never know about. The owners are a Chinese couple who live in Encinitas - the husband lived in O'ahu for a while; the surfboard on the wall belongs to him. While they may seem extrenuatingly enthusiastic, they are actually quite deceiving and practice poor restaurant management techniques. When I was first hired to work for them as a full-time cashier, I was told I would be paid under-the-table (aka: cash, and I would not be documented as a legal employee). I had no problem with this until I received my first paycheck, and it was well under what I was promised. The chefs also left out meat overnight and sometimes when I came in to open the restaurant in the morning, I found tubs of uncooked, room-temperature short ribs just sitting on one of the tables in the back. This meat was never disposed of, and USED to serve customers. I guess since nobody came back to complain of digestion issues with this food, it was okay - but I think it's a general consensus to be health-conscience of food you are serving to the public. These people are solely interested in ripping customers off (compare their price to L&L Hawaiian BBQ), and talking trash about their Hawaiian BBQ rivals down the street (Da Kine, the established Hawaiian BBQ and another small Hawaiian BBQ located near Jamba Juice the opposite way down Garnet). It's truly a dirty way they do their business, and I quit working for them because it was just a pack of lies, and frustration. I felt enslaved working for these people, and I know I will not be ever coming back to this restaurant for as long as I can remember how they disregard health standards for food. I understand that sometimes things change.. but I doubt these people are interested in that. It's all about your money, in the end.

I hate to put such a sour note on such a highly praising blog, but I'd just like you (and whoever reads this) to know the bigger story, and then decide whether you want to give this place your business. Thanks for reading ~ Aloha.

- Not hanging loose with Shaka


Hi Mariko - How terrible. I will say one thing, though. Most places who have unethical and unhealthy practices get their's in the end. We call it Ba-chi. Unfortunately, I've worked in food service, and know what sometimes goes on. It does seem that many of these Hawaiian BBQ places serve mediocre food, and are in it for the $$$'s, and L&L is not excluded. That is why many "locals" really look at L&L and think it's junk. There are very few good plate lunch places on the mainland.


Hey Kirk,
I definitely agree with you. The L&L I used to frequent in Mira Mesa served VERY mediocre food, but because of the lack of plate lunch places in the area I ended up giving them my business anyway. It's unfortunate that these places are just after the money, but I guess, aren't we all. Oh well, what comes around goes around! Guess this just gives me another reason to go back to Hawai'i! =)


Hi Mariko - Same for me as well. Though have you tried Da' Kitchen off of Carroll Canyon Road? I like the place, and the couple that run the place are very nice. The portions are pretty large.


I've heard about Da' Kitchen but sadly I've moved out of state for a bit! I'll be back in a few months though, and I'll definitely be checking that place out, ASAP! Already missing my bbq mix plate!!


Hi Mariko - Will look forward to "hearing" from you on your return. Take Care!


Hello Everyone! Wow...I started to laugh about the rice withdrawls. I understand completely. I am pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes and it is VERY difficult to follow the strict very low carb, no sugar, diabetic diet. I have no choice. I am good on my diet for me and baby and the fact that I do not want to give myself insulin shots. So far, so good. My strict dieting has served me well. The first 2 months of the diet, I was going through sugar and high carb withdrawls. My doctor said it is okay to be naughty once in a while a LITTLE bit for the carb intake. I LOVE the mac salad. So, once a month, I have my fill. Now, I have been on the diet for 20 weeks, it is not so bad. I lost fat inches in certain areas and I am so proud to look like a healthy skinny pregnant woman with a big pregnant belly. I guess a lot of it is will power and because in my situation, I had no choice to cut off the rice supply. I admit, I miss spam musabi and Manapua (very high in carb). But it is important to me to be healthy for me and baby. Aloha to all.

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