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Saturday, 06 May 2006



A malasada-andagi, now that's a new one! Pretty much any deep fried dough coated in sugar is delicious when "freshly" fried :) Oh man, one more week till I home. At first I was only craving for a malasada but after this post, gotta throw andagi in the mix!

Joseph E

Aww, I'm sorry, Kirk. Your posts on new "local" food spots are tragedies too often. I always hope that you will find what you are looking for with that first bite; I can't help but feel sad when it isn't what you were looking for. At least they were tasty in their own way.

Reynila you're in my neck of the woods...I've only been Ono's twice. It was recommended by a haole co-worker. Ono's serve their edamame hot with some sort of soy sauce glaze and sesame seeds. It was too salty for me; I still prefer mine plain or with a bit of sea salt.

I wish they served a beef dish there (unless they've changed the menu); everything is either fish or chicken.


Hi Kathy - I'm sure you'll get your fill of all the "good stuff" back home!

Hi JosephE - I really didn't set very high expectations, and the "donut-holes" were nice and hot. Really, the only thing wasted was gas....but these days!!!

Hi Reynila - That does sound like a strange way of serving edamame. They were so very busy that I really didn't look over the menu, I did enjoy the decor.


Hi Kirk,

What a bummer, especially when you had your hopes up. I haven't been to Leonard's in a while and they have this groovy new lighted sign up. I should visit just to snap a pic of it.


Hi Reid- Leonard's has a new sign? Wow, would love to see a pic.


I went to Ono's. That place changed a lot since before. They doubled in size and the have a bigger menu! They have kalbi short ribs, sushi, beer and wine. I tried the coconut shrimp appetizer that was awsome! Must go there again and try it out!


Hi Richard - Thanks so much for the update! I'll make sure to stop by when next time I'm in the area.


Since Ono's upgraded to a full restaurant (wine and beer only - but a great, and unique, selection ... "sushi wine!"), I have visited for lunch and dinner and immensely enjoyed myself. The food is excellent, fresh, served with panache, and unique. I don't know many places in San Diego County that serve excellent Hawaiian food, and certainly not in South Bay. This is a real find. The service has also been uniformly excellent. They even remember what kind of wine I like!


I've been going to Ono's since day one, and boy have they changed. They've expanded everything including their menu. I really enjoy their lunch specials. I usually have the Ahi Poke salad but if I'm really hungry, I'll order the Seaford dynamite. I especially enjoy the Iced milk teas with boba. I always end my meal with an order of malasada to go, but they never make it to my destination. I usually eat them all in the car. Shout out to Mr. Rodriguez for always entertaining me and my group whenever we're there.

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