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Monday, 08 May 2006



Were you at the DGA last night??? MS and I were there, almost didn't get seats even though I bought tickets online, but got to go in before the previews. I was impressed that they made this film but had some pretty mixed views about all the "Oriental" comments. I absolutely loved the acting by Kirt Kishita... he was pretty funny and I thought one of the only actors who played a convincing role. But that's my two cents worth... overall, not bad of an Asian American indie film. Can't wait to check out "Finding Home" tomorrow night!



Next time you are in Thai town you GOT to try Ruen Pair. It's considered of equal quality as Yai. I really like the papaya sald (duh!), the shrimp cakes,... hell i like everything on the menu. Put it on your list.

clare eats

I get a really good chilli basil stir fry rost duck and I am drooling. I wish I could go there, I guess I had better start swimming again..


The duck egg dish has me drooling everywhere...crap. I've only had duck eggs with jook or in a tangy vietnamese salad, but fried, hoo boy, add that restaurant onto my list!...Really should be studying for a chinese final. What are doing to my studies, kirk?! LOL. Now my stomach is growling - you're post was a delicious success:)


Next time you're in Thai Town, gotta try out the decidedly non-Thai-restaurant feeling Krung Teed. Its decor is more MTV (two karaoke screens and a synthesizer) than Ayutthaya, but the soups and the fluffy and crispy catfish "fuu" are to die for.


Hi Kristy - Yes, we went just to check out Ron's film. Actually, non of the "oriental" jokes really bothered me, but some of the other caricatures were me crass, but when taken in context I didn't find it very offensive. I've also seen some really lousy (and many times politically correct) Asian American Films at the SDAFF over the last 5 years, so I guess I enjoyed the honesty! And we also thought Kirt Kishita's acting was so very natural and convincing. And you're right, in the realm of AMA Independant films, not bad at all!

Hi Ted - We'll try out Ruen Pair the next time, though I hate that parking lot....we usually visit Bhan Kanom Thai, and see how crazy the parking is.

Hi Clare - It is really good stuff. So how long a swim is it???? :o)

Hi Kathy - I think the preserved egg dish is right up your alley. But I'm sure when you get to Thai Town you'll find some really good "stuff".

Hi Ed - I've heard good things about Kruang Tedd as well. So many little time!


Shoot! A missed opportunity to meet you and the Missus! :( Aiyah! We definitely need more APA representation in the film making department - for that, I give Ron and Kris major e-Props.

PS) I still have to check out Thai Town! eek! Where have I been? Oh yeah, living in the Midwest for almost three years.


hey Kirk!

thanks for driving all the way up for the premiere! sorry, i missed you guys, but you finally got to meet DG!

Kirt is my cousin, never acted a day in his life.

we'll hook up soon! things are crazy now... everyone and their mother is calling, emailing


That Jungle Curry looks insane. I kept hearing that "Jungle Boogie" song by Kool and the Gang as the soundtrack to your commentary and pics.

Joseph E

I just made a version of Jungle Curry out of a cook-book (, but it wasn't anywhere near as firey as that. Jungly curry can refer to any sort of Thai curry made without coconut milk, but that certainly looks like a great version. As soon as I'd finished the post I had told me wife we will be taking 101 up through Thai Town next time we are heading north. Thanks for the great find, Kirk!


Hi Kristy - I know we did manage to meet Pam, but missed everybody else, including Ron. But if I remember, you may be in San Diego during the next year, right?

Hi DCCF - You done good. I'm sure you're going nuts, so I'll talk to you soon.

Hi Elmo - The jungle curry was very'll have you doing the jungle boogie alright.

Hi JosephE - I realize that a Jungle Curry can be any non-coconut milk curry - but so far every restaurant version I've had has been of the "red" variety, I've also noticed that though a traditional Jungle Curry usually is quite heavily flavored with either fish sauce or shrimp paste, most versions I've had are not. If I may be so forward as to recommend a Thai Cookbook, well it's much more then a cookbook - the first real recipe isn't for like 200 pages into the book - I'd recommend David Thompson's book Thai Food(if you don't already have it) -

From what I heard David Thompson has been commissioned by the Thai Government to authenticate traditional thai recipes...quite an honor for an Australian. It's a fantastic and most treasured book in my collection.

clare eats

7509 miles (12084 km) (6525 nautical miles)give or take abit
I think it will take alittle while LOL


Hi Clare - That would be quite a long swim....even for Thai food.

clare eats

I think I would have to stop off for other stuff too ;) like mexican heheh


Hi Clare - Make sure to stop and visit Reid on the way! LOL!

clare eats

oh yeah of course!
saw flights to hawaii for $900!!! and I was wishing I wasn't a poor uni student LOL

Joseph E


Thanks for the book recommendation; I'm thinking of getting it. I only now saw your reply.

We went to Yai today while staying in Hollywood (we are looking for an apartment in Long Beach; I graduate June 1st. Did Joyanna invite you to the party?)

I would never have thought to order a dish with "black eggs", but it was great. Your mrs was right; "suan tian ku la xian", a perfect balance of. The crisp fried, dark green basil was one of the most interesting uses of herbs I have seen, and contrasted perfectly with the rich, smooth, soft egg. I colors - dark green, purple-black, bright red - were quite a contrast to my wife's bowl of soup (though that was also quite good, very reminiscent of South Vietnamese Pho Ga or other rice noodle soups)

I'm ashamed to say I couldn't eat it all, but we did fill up on the relatively healthy Tom Yum (green papaya salad).

We are thinking of trying Ruen Pair, and the temple stalls on the weekend. Any other recommendations in the area? Or in Long Beach?


Hi Joseph - First off, kudos and congrats! It's really nice to hear from you; I assume fatherhood suits you well. That Black Egg Pow is something else, isn't it? Long Beach is home to the largest Khmer Population in the US...though we haven't yet tried any of the Cambodian Restaurant in the area, I have had recommendation for a place called Sophy's(sp?) and Siem Reap among maybe you;ll explore and let me know. Also you're just a freeway drive from Gardena/Torrance and Little Saigon - you've got a plethora of choices. Please let me know when you get settled!

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