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Thursday, 11 May 2006



I love Mediterranean food so i went with my family to rannoosh,it is one of the best. we tried the humos, falafel,taboulieh, chicken kabob and the beef kobob, that was graet , the prices were fair, and the service was great.

paulo sergio

This place was sooo good! The food was amazing
menu loaded with veg and vegan options. have the biggest selection of Vegan, Very reasonable prices too. I ate dinner at this restaurant on a Thursday, our first night of a recent trip to San Diego. Parked right in front of the restaurant. and this place is one of the reasons why! I love your wholesome vegan food and the service is friendly, too:) Cool outdoor cafe seating!


We just ate here today - had the kebbeh appetizer and vegetarian platter. The kebbeh was wonderful, and the vegetarian version of it was incredible too. The hummus & baba were amazing, and the dolmas were good (I hate dolmas, and they were good). The falafel - yum! The mujadarra needed a little help, and the pita bread was dry. Overall, I would definitely go back.


Just want to warn people that Ranoosh is under new ownership and the service and quality of food have gone way, way down hill. Do yourself a favour and see the reviews at which are quite negative.

I rarely complain about service and food and have never posted anything online before, but the service and food was so extremely bad that I feel compelled to warn people.

I will never eat at Ranoosh ever again.


Well, since the original post was in 2006, Richard, I guess that warrants another visit by Kirk or myself. Of course, if it is as bad as you say, it won't be open for much longer anyhow. Thanks for reading our blog.

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