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Thursday, 11 May 2006



Hi Kirk,
This is a restaurant my husband and I were curious to try. What is that pinkish red vegetable stick in the fourth photo?

On another note, have you been to Kyoto food and gifts in National City? It's a tiny Japanese food store next to Da 'Kines...


Hi Reynila - I was told they were pickled beets - I've included a photo of the little plate of them that is delivered to your table - they were sour, bitter, and a bit on the "puckery" side. I've been to Kyoto once, after a lunch a Da' Kines, thought it was quite a cute little place with a little old lady working the register.


Hi JS - Thanks, I've seen them sold in bottles at North Park Produce, and they said they were turnips. But the young Lady, insisted they were beets. Probably a communication breakdown.


Those are pickled turnips, not beets. Typically in the pickling process a beet will be added for color.

Just an FYI.


Oh yum! I love Mediterranean food, and I've been on a quest to find good felafel. I'll be sure to give this joint a try.



i think i could live off falafel and water for the rest of my life... that one looks pretty decent bro..

when's the last time you had Zankou?


Hi mizducky - Try out the Falafel here, they're not cheap, but I really like 'em.

Hi DCCF - Funny, in my previous "life", one of clients was over in Hollywood, so on my home on the commute from hell, I would stop at Zankou. Funny, we thought the food is good, but not awesomely great like everyone makes it sound. We had a nice nostalgic moment driving past that very same location of Zankou last Sunday.


Kirk, Tyler and I have been wanting a good Lebanese restaurant in S.D. and a reader of ours suggested this place. Then another reader said it was over priced and not very good. Be our swing vote! What do you think. Should we try it?


$6 falafel!? what the....!?!


Hi Kirk,

My husband and I tried out Rannoosh about a month ago and weren't really impressed with their sandwiches. I tried the lamb kabob sandwich which was way too flavorless and the tomatoes were primarily green with just a touch of red, but we didn't try anything else out. All the appetizers looked amazing so maybe we'll have to go back for those and for some Falafel.

we were wondering if they were trying to tone down the flavors in their food for people who aren't used to middle eastern spices and flavors.


Hi Amanda - We enjoy the flavors at Mama's alot more. I think you get a good bang for the buck there. I'd try there first(if you haven't yet), before Rannoosh.

Hi Dave - I was shocked at first, but these were very good Falafel. I've had some terrible Falafel in San Diego.

Hi Lynnea - I agree about the kabobs, except for the Falafel I felt most everything else was very mild in terms of spice and flavor. This is what I'm going to do in the future, since a few people I work with want to go here - I'll have the Stuffed Falafel Sandwich with Potato Salad - $6.95. I haven't tried the Makanek or the Soujok yet.


Hi Kirk
I wanted to weigh in on Ranoosh--we went there about two months ago and I thought the Chicken Schwarma sandwich was terrible! It was so flavorless and the pieces were really fatty and not pleasant to chew. My husband had the falafel ( I think--its hard to remember) and pronounced it "good" but I have got to say that Mama's Lebanese is by far the better choice. We also like Khyber Pass (Afghani restaurant about a block from Ranoosh) for great kabobs and lamb dishes.


Hi Jen - I thought the Chicken Schwarma sandwich was pretty good, though mild in flavor. The chicken, though dark meat, wasn't too fatty, and was moist and soft. I thought the falafel was very good. The falafel at Mama's, though huge, can tend to be on the dry side. Nothing beats the garlic chicken sandwich at Mama's though.


Hi Kirk,

I've never tried those pickled radishes, but they look interesting enough. You're lucky to have such a nice variety of ethnic cuisines to sample. Most of the food here is Asian...*sigh* Not that I don't like it, but I'd like to try different things too.



You are right. Khyber Pass is great for lamb kabob dishes! All their food is fantastic.


Hi Lynnea - We've always enjoyed Khyber Pass, though we haven't been there in about 2 years - and not only the Kabobs - try the lamb stew.


Hi Reid - There is a good variety of Middle Eastern food in San Diego.


Another Lebanese place to try: Chef Tony at 6311 El Cajon Blvd (619)582-0212. Tony makes almost everything especially the falafel from scratch, unlike Mama's who takes much of their stuff (including garbonzo and fava beans) out of a can.


Hi Keith - Thanks for the comments and the rec. You're the second person to recommend Chef Tony's to me. "Christina" recommended Chef Tony's waaaay back in August of last year, so I guess I really must make an extra effort to get there. Thanks again.


This has the best hummus and falafel in town. Sexy belly dancers, mmm good! Family friendly to all different types of people (lifestyle, race, etc). The service is so friendly, youll feel ike you are dining at a friends home. 5 out of 5 stars!

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