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Saturday, 27 May 2006



Hey Kirk-san and mmm-yoso!

Happy Birthday! Omedetou tanjoubi!!! Oishi-sou ne?! ;)


HUGZ CONGRATULATIONS KIRK!!! Sorry for the belated congrats, HUGZ.


One year is a great milestone. Congrats. I honestly don't know how anyone could accomplish what you have during this time period. Please continue to provide the quality unbiased reviews and recipes that you have posted so far. I am in a better gastronomical space because of you....and have had to add an extra day at the gym as well. Looking forward to celebrating year number 2!


Hi Kristy - Thanks so much! And Spam is always delicious......

Hi Mills - Thanks so much, hope to hear more from you!

Hi Jon - Thanks so much for the most flattering and kind words. It's quite easy actually, the food does all the work....I just eat! My apologies for contributing to the need for an extra workout day....but as they say; "No pain, no gain".


Feliz cumpleanos a mmm-yoso! I am a long-time lurker, first-time poster and a native San Diegan. Your blog exudes the spirit of Aloha, the joy of good fellowship around good food, and the adventure of the hunt! I have enjoyed your adventures into the various cuisines and I have learned a lot because this blog has led me to search out more information about new ingredients and techniques for my own kitchen.
So please know that there are a lot of people out here who have been very blessed by your labor of love, but we just haven't all shared our feelings with you before now.


Hi EJ - Wow, I don't quite know what to say, other than thanks so much. I appreciate your kind and generous comment!


Hi Kirk!
Congratulations and thanks are the order of the day. You have made eating out an adventure and so much less intimidating. I would never have ventured into the many "holes in the walls" without my trusty yoso-review. Sometimes it is easy to just go to a chain restaurant because you know what to expect, but you remind me of the joy and rewards of seeking out the unexpected and unique.
Mahalo Plenty and looking forward to many more reviews,


Hi Jen - Thanks much! You are right, there is much joy associated with finding those little hidden "Gems" hanging around in various strip malls.


I hope to be hanging around here more often too! I have missed chatting with ya, and of course your wonderful food!


Congratulations! So glad that mmm-yoso is still going strong! Happy Anniversary to MMM-YOSO!


Hi Mills - We miss you, nice to have you back!

Hi Kady - Thanks so much, it's been alot of fun so far.

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