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Saturday, 27 May 2006


Passionate Eater

One year in food blog years is like a million human years! Happy birthday to you, the Missus, and your blog! I know that all of you contribute (even the Boyz) to Mmm-Yoso!!, and this is a birthday to be celebrated by each of you. Thank you all for this wonderful blog. I can't wait to see what the future years will bring. Keep on doing what you are doing, and your fans and readers will continue to increase exponentially. I love you guys!


Congratulations! Or, as we say among my people, Mazel Tov! :-)

Not only do you have a fabulous blog going on, but it was the means by which I got to meet you and your fine and fun circle of foodie friends in person. So--many thanks for the camaeraderie, as well as all the great info on the real good eats! (Not to mention turning me on to Ba Ren--no small thing, that...) May there be many more great meals, and stories, to come.


Hi Jenn - Thanks so much!

Hi JosephE - Thanks for the kind words. Though I think if it became a "profession" it might not be as much fun.

Hi Kathy - We each had our own, but I ate most of both! LOL!

Hi Reynila - Thanks for the kind words, and the recommendation. We'll try and make it out there soon.

Hi Clare - And I am soooo glad you comment - it's not the same without you!

Hi Santos - Thanks so much. I wish I could've made some really cool cupcakes, but I'm not as talented as you!

Hi DCCF - The sofa is yours! Thanks for always dropping by, I do appreciate it.

Hi Pam -Thanks, but don't know about the musubi, I think it had too much rice!

Hi Jean - Thanks, I thoguht it would be something.....well, a bit different, and really "me".

Hi Elmo - Thanks, man! I'll concentrate on one post at a time....

Hi Jack - Thanks! And yes, this has indeed been a blessing.

Hi Scott - Well I'd say, enough for 5 700MB CDR's. So not that many.....of course I'm not counting the thousands of lousy ones!

Hi Jason - Thanks for always visiting!

Hi Howie - Well I could say the same about you. I, and this blog would be alot poorer without your recommendations!

Hi Joan - Thanks, and as long as I'm enjoying this, I'll keep doing it.

Hi James - Well, it's been a true labor of love. BTW, did you ever make the okonomitaki????

Hi RONW - Funny you should mention heartburn. I've only had heartburn once in my entire life, waaay before I started the blog. I'm sure I'll fit it in a post someday!

Hi Bart - Yes, red chicken at Dao Son is good stuff....come to think of it, I'd just need the "red sauce" and rice, and I'd be happy!

Hi Daly - Wellll, it's not my birthday, just the blogs B-Day, but heck, I'm celebrating anyway!

Hi Ben and Suane - Thanks so much for the kind words!!!

Hi PE - A million years!!! No wonder my back is killing me! Seriously, thanks for all the positive energy you provide with your comments, I appreciate them.

Hi Mizducky - Thanks for the kind words. I always look forward to Ed from Yuma's visits, and our fun meals!


Congratulations, Kirk! This is probably one of my most favorite blogs ever. I love your perspective on food. I can't believe you've actually written 295 posts this year. Whew. Is it time for a vacation yet? :)



I look forward to reading your blog over the next year and seeing the exciting and new ways it develops.


Hi Kirk!!! Happy 1st Birthday to MMM-Yoso and may there be very many more!!! Wow I can't believe youhave been "on the air" for only a year. You seem to have covered a whole multitude of different dishes and cuisines. This is a site whom I have definitely grown to love and look for updates almost daily. Thank you for all the hard work!!


Hello Kirk,

My name is John, Im actually Daly's husband. Just wanted to say what a great blog you have. Your food choices are deffinately up our alley.

Congrats on the 1yr celebration.


Keep it up. I am hooked either by the blog or could it be the picture. Wait it's both!


Colleen Cuisine

Happy Blog-iversary! You've amassed quite the tome of food reviews - congratulations on having a fun hobby that's turned into something much bigger!


Hey Kirk,

Let me say that your blog has really been a life saver for me. I am a college student (UCSD) from LA, where great food is a plenty (Roscoes, Ruen Pair, Zankou, the list goes on). When I came down for school, I was (and am) basically eating dorm food everyday (GROSS) and was longing for good food. Found your blog many months ago, and because of it, have visited some great restaurants (Ba Ren, El Zarape, etc) that have made the city of San Diego a much better experience, not just for me but for my friends as well. Your blog has liberated my taste buds! So, if you ever think it's time to call it quits, just remember that hundreds of people in the SD area really value your insights and thoughts.




Happy Birthday to the homeyiest foodblog out there! Thank you for taking us along your ono grind adventures.

Jeffrey Chow

Kirk, happy one year blogversary. As I read your blog, I think San Diego is having a bit of a foodie blossoming. I recall friends of mine who were moving down there calling it a bit of a purgatory and would make weekend treks to Los Angeles to get their foodie cravings done in. But judging from the places you've been to, its opening up quite nicely.
Now if only Phoenix would get better, or maybe I'm just not getting out there enough.


Hi Caroline - Thanks so much! I'm sure to be gonig on a vacation I guess that means more posts, right?

Hi Lynnea - I'm kind of curious to see hoe things progress myself.

Hi Rachel - It does seem like I've been around for a while, doesn't it. Of course, nice people like you make time fly.

Hi John - And welcome. And might I add some congratulations on a Your wedding. It looked wonderful:

Hi Nhbilly - I think it's the photos! These ultracompact digitals are pretty good.

Hi Colleen - as I attempted to count all the restaurants, I was quite surprised, am I a pig!!! :o)

Hi Ted - Thanks, man. There are few things that are more gratifying to me than someone finding some use for this blog. I hope to be able to provide more useful info in the future. Did I tell you that we lived in LA for almost 5 years. The good thing about San Diego, is that you won't have to drive as much. The bad thing is; that there are fewer decent eateries.....and very few options, other then Taco Shops after 10pm.

Hi Jeni - And thank you for all your comments! Homeyest...I like that word, I love that word....

Hi Jeffrey - I once spent about 2 months off and on in Phoenix...but all I remember is eating at the Mile High Deli, Garcia's, Autumn Court, and a wonderful sushi bar called Mishima's, also 99 Ranch Market was just opening up at the time, so I'm sure there must be even more choices now! I think Phoenix needs a few more food bloggers like Seth:

Who does a great job. BTW, San Diego has a bit to go before I would think of it as blossoming, but things are getting better!


I went to LA and basically ate according to your recommendations. I didn't try sushi Komasa, but went to Sushi Gen instead. Little Toyko was so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like your blog!


Happy First Year Kirk. The tally was interesting... how much was this year's expenditure haha? jk. Congrats.


Kirk, happy birthday on your blog.
Thanks for all the reviews you've done. One of the first site I always check before eating out.



Hi Joanna - I'm glad you enjoyed Little Tokyo; it's a quite wonderful little oasis in Downtown LA. And so many choices!

Hi EDBM - Thanks man! I'd rather not think about my "investment".....

Hi Didi - Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy this little old food blog.


Hi Kirk,

CONGRATULATIONS on your first blogbirthday! I'm sure there will be many more! Keep up the excellent work. I'm still in awe of you.

Christine D.

Yay! Congrats! Your posts are always a delight to read. Everytime I come to your blog, there's something new to read!


Hi Reid - I hope you had a good vacation! Actually, it is I who am in awe of you.

Hi Christine - Thanks! I guess I might just eat too darn much....

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