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Saturday, 27 May 2006




Joseph E

Happy Birthday, mmm-yoso!!!

Kirk, it's no surprise that so many San Diegans have returned your blog again and again. Most professional food critics publish fewer words and reviews per week than you, and none have a keen palate for such a great variety of food. We can find out about the newest trendy restaurants in the papers, but this is the best spot (often better than Chowhound) for hearing about the best food in town. And if sometimes the food isn't so great, well, at least there is always a fun story to tell. Someone should be paying you for this!


Yaaaay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) That's a pretty damn awesome cake, if I do say so. We're you planning to split it with the Missus or do you each get your own? hehe. Congrats!!!


Congratulations Kirk! MMM- Spam Musubi! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog while looking up Ben's 1615 in National City. I really enjoy reading your posts and your recommendations. It's been fun for us to check out places off the beaten path.

By the way, I went to a new Cuban restaurant today in La Mesa, Habana Restaurant (at the old location of Jamarr restaurant). Perhaps a future Cuban food blog?

Again, Happy 1 Year Anniverstary of your blog. You and your wife must have stomachs of steel (and I mean that in the best possible way ;D)!!! Keep up with your food blogging adventures.

clare eats

Happy Belated Blogday!!!!

I am sooooo glad you blog!


happy bloggy birthday, may you have years more!




You guys have created something very, very special where friends feel compelled to drop in daily and say hello. There is a feeling of comfort and hospitality here that you really can't get anywhere else and that's the biggest difference.

Thanks for having me and I'll keep crashing the sofa till the Missus kicks me out. ;)

Here's to many, many more good eats in the future!

Thanks again for sharing.



Happy Blog Birthday and congratulations on your 1st year--that's quite an accomplishment!

I LOVE that you did the birthday Spam musubi...yum! Kicks my Vons birthday cake in the ass any day! LOL!


Happy Birthday Kirk. :) LOVE the cake!


Congrats Kirk! Looking forward to another year, or ten, or twenty!


A year old? It's hard to believe your blog is only a year old. You have created quite a community here and wanted to congratulate you on what you have done.

To many more years of food and friends....


Happy 1 year! Congratulations to the hardest working SD blogger! (It's not really work, huh?) At 175 restaurants and 295 posts - how many pictures? I'll say over 2000.


This blog is such a great resource in San Diego. Thanks for doing it. Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Kirk! Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! I can't count the number of times that I've rushed out to some little restaurant I've never heard of after reading your blog. My epicurean life would be a lot less rich without you!


Kirk- Happy BlogDay!!!! I've really enjoyed stopping by and reading your reviews in the past few months- hope to be able to continue to do it for many more years to come!

PS: Love the "birthday cake" :)


Congratulations Kirk! May you have many more years of Yoso-ing! You've worked hard to make this one of the coolest San Diego/LA/Southwest US food blogs out there.


hana hou as such Kirk. Quite a remarkable marathon of reviews on restaurant and food, and still haven't run into the least bit of a heartburn hill.


Awesome. You always make me hungry. Dao Son is my favorite. Tasty Red Chiken at a 7 heat is the best food known to man (and woman!).

That lebanese post the other day excited my taste buds. At 1am, what was I to do? Nothing. So I went to bed.


It's your birthday?!?! Well I'll be darned. Congratulations! Happy Birthday and u and the missus beta come visit us vegas for some reviews, dude!@! We were eatning at I dunno where but I was like, darn Kirk, where's his freakin' review cuz i'd appreciate it before I ate. It was not up to par and would love your recommendations. Well, Congrats! Happy best B-day to you, dude. Hope it's the best yet! Cuz that's what ya deserve. Have a wonderful 3-day holiday, havasue weekend. Love, Ya. Mr. & Mrs. Costanza!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben and Suanne

Happy birthday! You have an interesting blog-- keep up the good work.

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