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Monday, 29 May 2006



Hi Kirk, glad you found a dish that made the trip worth the visit. I have never tried smoked fish or many of the other dishes! Chinese cuisine never ceases to amaze me. Especially when you think you know quite a bit of it (having a Dad who is Cantonese and a Mum who is Teochew or chiu chow), then you realise that one can never quite cover the extent of all the provinces and even each village within each province would have its own specialties. Those Flaky turnip pastries ring a bell with me though ... I think i might have tasted them once upon a time. Hmm have to hunt and see where I might find some now!



nothing worse than gummy won tons... yuck...

sounds like more disappointing dishes than happy ones, you guys are sooo patient and understanding... if i ever get in trouble with the law i'm hoping to see your faces in the jury... ;p


Sorry that you had a so-so meal! Actually, Mandarin Garden has been in that location for at least 15+ years - with the same decor! The xiao long bao at Shanghai City are definitely better but I will keep going back for that duck! Their you tiao and nian gao are also good.


That turnip strip cake looks awesome! I've never seen it before. Ever.

Glad that it made the trip, especially after the your XLBs bled to death.


Hi Rachel - The wide ranging depth of Chinese cuisine never ceases to amaze me. Shanghainese and Jiangzhe cuisines are pretty unique, though I'm not able to tell them apart.

Hi DCCF - Very uneven, though nothing was terrible, the XLB was a disaster.

Hi Candice - Funny, when the Missus asked them how long they've been in this location they told Her 3 years....maybe a miscommunication?

Hi Elmo - Nothing worse then soup dumplings without the soup!


Yes, Mandarin Garden is definitely old-school chinese, at least for San Diego. I haven't been there for a looong time. One of my aunts has been getting take out from here once a week for 15+ years! This is the place inside the mira mesa mall right?


Hi Jack - The interior does scream "old school" Chinese, though the menu is quite interesting. And yes, this is the one in the Mira Mesa Mall, next to L&L.


Those flaky turnip cakes look very interesting. I'd love to try one. Glad to hear it didn't disappoint.


Hi Kady - If you do visit Mandarin Garden, the pastry is the fifth item down on the Chinese weekend's priced at $2.95.


I liked their marinated beef appetizer.

Their Lions Head wasn't very good. Flavor was okay, but the texture of the meat ball was way off. Felt like they used a food processor to grind the meat because it just fell apart in my mouth. It also came as a dish instead of a soup/stew with tasty broth, vegetables, and bean thread noodles.

Our other dish was cod w/vegetables and that was also just okay.

Hopefully we just ordered the wrong things. I'll try something else next time if I make it back.


Hi Jason - Well, it could be that it's as good as it's gonna get....


FYI, this place is closed.


Thanks for the update Jan!

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