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Sunday, 07 May 2006



Hi Kirk,

I don't know why but I just "love the photos" on this particular post...

Perhaps it's the after hours feel to the whole thing, perhaps it's something else but to my mind that brass tips container just about sums it all up...the color, the light?

Really, an excellent photo, captures the mood, the intensity, color and contrast are perfect, and wow thanks again.


I honestly don't think I've ever been to La Posta in the daytime hours! It's always been a good place to pick up some food after a long night out. You're making me crave some greasy Mexican food :)


I LOVE La Posta. And I go there sober. This is where I go when I get off the plane from New York. Seriously. I've got it in my calendar for Friday.

Their Especial is their most interesting dish, but their California Burritos is probably their best.

The sala is too watery, i'll give you that. But it's packs a fair punch, if one with more heat than flavor.

Passionate Eater

Wow, you really do pull all-nighters! Tough job Kirk. Funny though to see how you hang out with those Scrubs / ER folks!

I also love frequenting my favorite 24-hour joints in search for quick food at late night hours. However, I'm not as advanced as you, because my 24-hour place is usually Wendy's or Taco Bell!

By the way, I love your "shoe" comparison pic!

clare eats

Our late night greasy bound to kill you or make you stronger food is a kebab. So similar yet so different!

LOVE the shoe comparison pic


Hi Kirk,

This was a GREAT post. You've definitely captured the ambiance and the descriptive phrases make me want to stop by here the next time I'm in SD at 4am!

Green Turtle

Kirk, would you happen to know of any taco shops that have those bacon-wrapped hotdogs? I think they're referred to as TJ style hotdogs, but I haven't seen them in any of the taco shops I've visited.


I would love to see a picture of the "Goth's, Grungees, Gays, Gargoyles, and the bar scene from Star Wars!"

...but then, perhaps some of them won't show up on film -- like other creatures of the night might not.

But because I saw your reflection in a window on a photo you took once, I know at least that you're not a vampire yourself.


Hi Emily - Well thank you for such a nice comment.

Hi Joan - Greasy Mexican food does have it's place...though it's usually like 1 in the morning.

Hi Tokyo - You'll love this; the Missus is looking at recent comments and asks "Who is Tokyo", and I go "you know I think he probably loves La Posta", and we read your comments and cracked up. La Posta is at it's best when it's busy and they go through alot of carne asada and thus it's fresh when you eat it.

Hi PE - Wellllll, it's really not very tough, we'll do this a couple of times a year. But it's harder as I get older.....

Hi Clare - Well I remember telling someone the darn thing was as big as my shoe, so I had to make sure! LOL!

Hi Reid - Thanks! Well you may have to stop by La Posta at 4am, there ain't too many choices in San Diego.

Hi Green Turtle - Wow, that's a new one to me! Tell you what, maybe someone who reads this can help us out. I'll also keep an eye out and let you know.

Hi Elmo - I could still be a Gargoyle.......ha!


Hi Kirk,

I was searching for 24 hour open places in the San Diego area since I am flying in with a really late flight and figured I'd like something to eat; from multiple reviews on the 'net, I figure this is a great place to eat, although your review is by far the most informative and entertaining one!!! Just a quick question--how safe is the area? I am flying in from the Eastern seaboard and this is my first time in SoCal, so I just wanted to check with you! I'd love to sample this Carne Asada, sounds very yummy!!! Thanx!!!


Hi Jenck - La Posta is good grub, and will fill you up. I think the neighborhood is fairly safe, I've never had any problems in the area. Santana's is another 24 hour Taco Shop right down the street from La Posta.


I ate here last August. Got really bad food poisoning. No joke. I had to plan on where I would drive so I was close to a relatively clean bathroom. I cant even drive by the joint now and get flashbacks.


Wow, how did I miss this post and this menu item back when we lived up the street?


You can still go back Jan! Haven't been here in years.....

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