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Wednesday, 24 May 2006




that looks so good! Kinda reminds me of Zankou back in LA, especially that fluffy garlic paste. Really curious how this turns out!

P.S. As a Greek-American, I don't really think that this could be classified as Greek cuisine. No complaints or worries, just pointing it out.


Hi Ted - The garlic paste was like Zankou's. They do have dolmas, baklava, and greek salads among other things on the menu. Though the restaurant is more of a Lebanese restaurant.



lamb kebobs are the ticket.. and those look amazing...

hummus too... oh man, i gotta get me something cause kebobs and hummus are a major weakness... i think i have like a freezer burned Red Baron Supreme Pizza gathering icicles in my fridge.. i guess i'll have to bust that out cause i'm starving


Holy Schmoly, that looks SO YUMMY to me!!! IwantitIwantitIwantitIwantit.


You had me at "plastic fork tender". I need to find out if there's a place like this in OC. There must be.


I want the lamb and the fresh falafel!
Kirk, have a fine weekend and dining of course.


Hi Kirk...long time. I apologize for being scarce, it has just been a little crazy at home/work. I have been sneaking in once in awhile checking to see what gems you are uncovering. It looks like you found a winner. The pics here look great! And those's making my mouth water.


You know... I never really picked up on liking falafels. I'm starting to think that I'm a very picky eater, even though I say that I'm really not. ;) hahaha....


"One way or another I'm gonna see ya, I'm gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha, one day, maybe next week...."

Ahh, good stuff.

clare eats

Love the plastic fork tender!
I have a hankering for homemade hummous tabouli and marinated lamb mmmmmmmmmmmm!
Well it's not like I can go and eat there ny time soon.


Hi DCCF - Yes, the kabobs were quite good...very soft & tender, not unlike freezer burned red baron pizza I would imagine.

Hi Jenn - Can you get Kabobs where you live?

Hi Elmo - These were surprisingly tender.

Hi Thess - Same back at ya'. Have a great week!

Hey Jack - Hope all is well! I'll give you a call soon.

Hi Kristy - Let's just say you have a selectively open mind! LOL!

Hi Scott - I've been singing one way or another I'm gonna eatcha, eatcha, eatcha to my food all week long.......The lyrics are so catchy.

Hi Clare - But being the master cook that you are.... you'll just make them at home!


Nope no kebabs, no falafel, no hummus, no pita, no nuttin! You can't even get unsweetened yoghurt to make some tzadziki. But if it's some kimchi you want,...well -

clare eats

yes, yes I will :P


Hi Jenn - Well, man does not live on kimchi alone....or does he? And you can't get plain yogurt? Geez.

Hi Clare - Alright, go for it!


Yay, another middle-eastern joint to check out! Although the felafel, alas, don't sound as promising as the last joint you visited.

And hey! let's hear it for the "old fogey" music! I'm happily holding a ticket to the upcoming return of Steely Dan to San Diego, and am debating whether to splurge on tix for the Zappa Plays Zappa tour, Dweezil's tribute to his dad, whose closest stop will be the Anaheim House of Blues. Rock on!


Hi mizducky - Of course I never thought I'd ever hear myself say....they sure don't play 'em like they used too!


mmm that garlic paste looks great!! Alot of places here have garlic paste made of bottled mince garlic mixed with sour cream and it is pretty ordinary! I am glad that place makes more authentic sounding garlic paste.


Welcome back Rachel - We've missed you! Now you know how much I love garlic!


I'm so glad you got to chef Tony's. It's all about the garlic paste, I can't get enough of that stuff. Did you try the purple turnip pickles? I don't know about you, but between the pickles and garlic paste, I have a meal.


Hi Christina - Thanks again for the recommendation. I did try the pickled turnips, a bit too bitter for me, but that garlic paste is great!

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