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Wednesday, 10 May 2006



Hi, Kirk--I'm up in that area for lunch every Tuesday, usually at either Convoy Noodle House or Pho "T" Cali, so I'll give Bolsaa a try too, just for comparison's sake.


Hi Kirk,

The pho looks pretty good. Too bad the flank was dry and the tendon nonexistent.


Ugh! Now I'm in the mood for some pho! I just made a huge batch last week with beef shank and tendons, and it turned out pretty good (I finally got my clear broth). Today, I'll probably end up at our local Korean and Vietnamese grocery store to buy more ingredients to make more pho.

Kirk, your pictures always makes me salivate.


I usually give places that seem promising at least two chances, but I was really annoyed with Bolsaa the one time I went-- I ordered a noodle soup with shrimp and crab, and received a bowl of soup filled with big hot-pink chunks of immitation Krab. Not tasty, and I wouldn't have ordered it if the menu had been forthright about the not-crab. That said the soup broth was not bad.


I have to say, the photo of the garnishes is just lovely. I just wanted to reach out and start chomping on some of those basil leaves.

And I usually use lime or lemon wedges to change the flavor of Pho broth half way through eating it. The citrus brightens the flavor so much. Probably not traditional, but I like it = )


Hi mizducky - Let me know what you think.

Hi Reid - The rare steak was very good, though the rest of the meat wasn't.

Hi Jean - Congrads on your breakthrough! Maybe someday, I'll try to make Pho' at home myself.

Hi SK - After being burned by "Krab" myself, I usually assume the worst, especially if the price is kind of low! Sometimes, even when you ask, they'll tell you it's crab, when it's Krab!

Hi Lynnea - I'm kind of used to lime with my Pho', so lemon always throws me off. Call me a stick in the mud if you will.....


Hi Kirk...we got home from Bolsaa on Wednesday night, I went online and saw this review -creepy- . It was not crowded when we went in (about 6:30)but had 8 tables filled, two with 6 people each at them, by the time we left...the kids that hang around at those coffee shops seem to eat later at night and do frequent the place....and we got lime wedges with our soups (they gave us three wedges; perhaps there has been a lime shortage or lemons had been costing less in prior months...). The food isn't bad, but we tend to always buy basics- only Pho Tai or Pho Ga- then its always good...


Hi Cathy - Sorry to creep you out like that. I assure you I wasn;t there on Wed. I thought the Pho Ga' was pretty good when I ate it way back when.


I think Bolsaa is short for Bolsa Anonymous! I'm craving pho now. Thanks Kirk!


Hi Jeni - LOL! I'm guessing someone now has internet access?


Hey there, just found your site and think it's great! I've been to Bolsa A a couple of times -- I find that the basics are pretty good but anything beyond that is lacking. If you're ever sick and craving a chicken soup, try the chicken rice porridge. Oh, and the lemon or lime is to squeeze into your pho, along with a nice dollop of Sriracha Chili Sauce for extra flavor. I think it's a southern Vietnamese garnish, even though pho is a northern Vietnamese dish.


Hi Habereno - Thanks for stoppng by and taking the time out to comment. I'm just not used to lemon with my Pho'. I think there are better choices for Vietnamese in the area.

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