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Tuesday, 09 May 2006


clare eats

MMM Lamb

Lamb is BIG here in OZ. I hve the biggest urge to go buy a leg'o'lamb right now mmmm

Passionate Eater

Whoo-hoo!! You used the pressure cooker! Props to my mmm-yoso man Kirk! Looks delicious, you always win me over with your home-cooked meals!


Hubby loves lamb shanks! Must give this recipe a try.


Wow! That looks delicious! I've been craving a yummy lamb dish for a while. I wonder how long it would take to cook without using a pressure cooker?


Looks so delicious. Must taste so ono. I see you're using your pressure cooker often now. Great job Kirk!!! No more fears of explosion.


Hi Clare - Lamb is big here in Mi Casa as well! mmmm-leg of lamb!

Hi PE - Thanks. This was really simple and easy. And the pressure cooker has paid for itself.

Hi Jean - Give it a shot and let me know how it turns out.

Hi Lynnea - Welcome! And thanks for taking the time out to comment. Maybe initially double the cook time, and work from there?

Hi Lance - Maybe only a slight fear......Nah, it's really easy, but there's always that little voice in the back of my head!


Hey Kirk...Yup. My next trip out to SD will be sometime this summer. =) I'll give you a heads up when I drive down. Also...pressure cookers intimidate me. I don't like big explosions. muhahah.


Ah, lamb shanks are one of my absolute favorites! These look delicious! Almost like Niu Rou Mein.


Oh wow! this looks awesome. Lamb really is my favorite meat (even though i know it's SO unhealthy)! I've never eaten lamb cooked with in an asian style before though. I would love to try it. Great blog!


Hi Kristy - Look forward to it. I think (emphasis on "think") that these new generation pressure cookers are pretty safe, I hope.....

Hi Howie - Funny, the broth tasted like the Lamb Hot Pot at Jamillah Garden, wish I had some tofu.....I think the broth tasted better then the lamb shank!

Hi Amanda - Lamb is so very delicious. I'm sure if you make it, it'll put mine to shame!


Yum--that looks excellent, Kirk. Lamb really does seem to take to pressure-cooking, I think. I once did a pressure-cooked lamb shank curry that I wrote up for eGullet (writeup here: Next time I buy some lamb on sale, I really need to try your recipe--I just adore the flavor and aroma of star anise. :-)


Hi Kirk,

I don't often eat lamb, but this sounds great. I'll have to try it using the pressure cooker sometime.

Colleen Cuisine

Hey Kirk - I can't believe you made that... it looks like something from a restaurant! One of these days I'll get a pressure cooker - that dish looks delicious.


Hi mizducky - That looks very good.

Hi Reid - The pressure cooker sure cuts down on the cooking time.

Hi Colleen - Geez, it's only a hunk of meat and bone on a pile of rice! It did taste really good, though!

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