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Tuesday, 30 May 2006




for some reason i always forget to try that place, the albacore looks amazing...

hey, if you're ever in the mood for tempura, check out Usui on First St., they have a pretty decent menu and prices.. the tempura is usually pretty solid, better than most places i've had anywhere in L.A.

they also serve Chanko Nabe, which is pretty hard to find anywhere.. my friends have tried it and said it was pretty decent, but i don't need the extra calories... ;p


Wow, this looks fantastic! I love monkfish liver, but I've only had it a couple of times. That looks like a very generous and decadent portion.


Lord that looks good! I have a question (pardon my ignorance), what is the white, outer layer on the albacore? Is that fat?




welcome back, kirk! (and did i mention that sushi looks amazing!)


Kirk, please try Sushi Nozawa. Pricey. But excellent value for excellent quality of fish.


Hey DCCF - Thanks for the rec! Chanko Nabe! Just what this sumo wrestler in traning needs for some nourishment.....actually, I think the Missus would love it!

Hi Howie - The Ankimo at Komasa is pretty consistent.

Hi Ted - So sorry, I guess that does look a bit different. The exterior of the Albacore is "seared", usually by a blowtorch, and the fish immediately placed in ice water to change the texture and seal in the juices. Albacore can be a very dry and flavorless fish, so this process makes the dish more interesting to your palate.

Hi Amanda - Thanks. I hope your "move" went smoothly!

Hi Joanna - Thanks for the recommendation. Sushi Nozawa is on my list; and we'll make sure to drop by if we're in the area.


I'm hungry! :-)

Well if your ever around this side of town, Costa Mesa. You should swing by. Try there oyster shooter, Tataki ALBACORE :-, and there sweet shrimp boat and make sure they deep fry the shrimp head for ya. yoso delicous ;-)

Ango TEI
675 Paularino Ave Ste 5
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3039
(714) 557-2696


YOU WERE IN LA and no word about it??? erg! Well, to give you a heads up, I'm driving my Hybrid through the carpool lanes of the 110 and the 405 South to get to La Jolla after work. It's my bf's bday and was hoping to get a nice dinner out. Any suggestions that won't break the bank? ;)


I have been in a major need of a sushi fix and this isn't helping. This past week, everytime I have suggested it I have gotten shot down for something else.


Hi nhbilly - Thanks, got it! It's on my "list" of the OC!

Hi Kristy - It was just a quick-strike sushi visit. Make to give MS our most delici-yoso regards!

Hey Jack - Shot down, that;s criminal.


OMG Kirk!!! That sushi looks to die for!!! You just gave me immense sushi cravings in a town where sushi is plain rice with avacado and soggy battered prawn. (Note this is as opposed to previous town where not many people knew what sushi was) *throws herself on pillow and sobs inconsolably* Glad you had a good feed though *sniff*


Hi Rachel - Maybe on your next trip to Sydney? I'd love to see more photos of Sydney.......


Oh, I'll have to remember this one for when I move back to LA. I love sushi.


Hi Kady - Oh, there are soooo many good sushi choices in LA. Komasa is good "old school" sushi.


I have been meaning to try Sushi Komasa for some time now. Everytime I see someone post, I have a desire to go...and then I forget! The hirame looks divine. All I have to say is..oishii ne! =)


Hi Keri - I'm glad you're feeling better. Komasa is a good, dependable, and not overly expensive little restaurant.

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