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Thursday, 25 May 2006



All that food for the two of you? Now that's what I call a feast - you sure know how to celebrate in style! :)


Missus is smart! near the bone lies the best taste. My husband raised an eyebrow the first time we ate at KFC, when I asked him to leave the pieces with more bone and he can have all the meaty part.
btw, the 'sandwiches' aren't they heavy as starters? on the other hand, they look yummy!
Kirk, maybe in the future you could share with me your pan fried noodle technique? thanks in advance.

clare eats

LOVE the idea of taking the carcus I bet they plan on them for their soups not yours cheeky bastards

Joseph E

I, for one, never tire of reading about return visits to your favorite places. It is always fun to find a new place, and I even enjoy the humorous parts of the negative reviews, but returning to one of the better spots in town is certainly worthy of a post.

But remind me to never show this series to my wife. Five restaurants in five nights?!


Your wife is so smart!
Here in Korea, there are these flat bed trucks with rotisseries on the back with little chickens turning round and round. The spices they use are SO delicious and the whole neighbourhood starts smelling yummy if a truck's around! I stick the carcass in the freezer after I've eaten the little chicken, and when I have 2 of them, I make soup and it turns out so rich and flavourful. Your duck soup looks yummy!
I've never had Peking duck, but it looks good - and I'm drooling over the noodle dish!


It's 9:33 in the morning and your post has me seriously hungry for Peking Duck for breakfast. I guess I'll just have to settle for this Chicken breakfast burrito. SIGH.


Hi Kathy - There was some leftovers...though no noodles, and no duck skin.

Hi Thess - I didn't think the Peking Duck was very heavy...of course I only ate 5 of those "sandwiches".....Personally my pan-fried noodle technique sucks - but then again, I haven't tried making them in a while.

Hi Clare - Actually the Server said that sometimes she'll take them home for her own soup!

Hi Joseph - Thanks so much. I'm always concerned that reruns....will be like, well, reruns. BTW, did I mention the shopping spree????

Hi Jenn - Good Peking Duck is sublime...... And yes, the Missus is a genius.

Hi Elmo - Hmmmm Peking Duck Burrito! Now that's what I can do with leftover duck - great idea Elmo!


I am so happy that I came across your blog! Everything you describe is honest and funny. Obviously, you and Missus enjoy food and I gotta love that! My little brother is graduating from UCSD and my parents will want to go to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum or dinner. We're from the Bay Area so everything you've written and your pictures are so helpful! I think I'm leaning towards China Max for dinner (for that delicious looking Peking duck) and Emerald for dim sum from what you've written. I'll be flying in from the East Coast and I'm looking forward to checking out the other cuisines you've mentioned. Thank you so much!


mmmm All those dishes look yummy. Peking duck is one of my favourites !! In most restaurants here and in Singapore you have a choice of fried noodles, hot and sour soup or sang choy bow, (the way you had it)for the second course. I have nevre thought to ask for the carcass though ... hmmm.

I have had it with those nice buns but very popular is also the "crepe" type of pancake. Also, a small sprig of spring onion is sandwiched in the sang choy bow, together with the hoisin and cucumber. That was very reasonable price for a peking duck :)


Hi Joanne - Welcome and thanks for commenting. I'm glad you've found some useful info here. Let me know if I can be of any assisance!

Hi Rachel - Ah yes, the traditional Beijing style is with pancakes. I wish we had a choice - places in Los Angeles actually have 3 course Peking that is a feast!



I love China Max! I found it by perusing your blog.

Do you by chance know the brand of chili sauce they use? I had dim sum there a week ago and they gave us a little dish of chili along with the shrimp and chive dumplings and it was the best chili sauce/paste I've had.

If you don't know what brand they use, can you recommend one?


Hi Jenni - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. It just so happens that Ed from Yuma and I had lunch at China Max today. FWIW, I was told that they make their own. I either make my own, or buy a generic brand of Chili Paste(without garlic).

ed (from Yuma)

A huge thanks to the Missus. I ended up with a lot of duck bones, skin, etc from a roast duck from Jasmine. I never realized how good duck stock can be. Since Jasmine had cut up the duck, all the big bones were cut open, so it cooked up very savory in about two hours. I now feel like a fool for having ever tossed out duck bones.


Hi Ed - Glad to know you made it back safe and sound! Duck soup is really great stuff - in many restaurants you'll get Peking Duck 3 ways which includes soup. Roast duck bones and skin make an even more flavorful broth. Also sooo easy....I guess that's why they say it's "Duck Soup".


Hey Kirk,

Stopped by China Max for dinner and I remember your comment: “Funny thing, I don't know if anyone else who has visited China Max has noticed this, but we've noticed on several visits that Asians are seated on the North side of the restaurant. Non-Asians are seated on the South side”

I’ve been there around 6 times and it did not occur to me we were always seated by the window (facing East), along with the other non-Asians. The same this time, we were directed to the window. However, all the Asians were on the other side (facing West). Does seem a bit odd, huh?

Anyhow, I had my favorite, Shing Do Chicken (sweet and pungent). It’s located on the small menu…not sure why they have two menus either. As I started eating, I forgot all about the North, South, East, West thing…the food is too good!


Hi Jim - We did think the usual seating arrangement was "interesting", and didn't know if anyone else noticed.


I love Jasmine's hot sauce, if you haven't tried it. They make their own too.

Seems odd with the whole seating arrangement, btw, at China Max. I really dislike that kind of stuff when people pose people in the windows. Had that experience when visiting in other countries - putting the tourists in view of the public to draw in more customers.

Dennis M Reed

I went to china Max last Thurdays for the first time. I was seated at the most North-East corner and at times was surrounded by Chinese families! I asked the manager for a suggestion and she recommended the Shing Do Chicked and said I could get it with chicken, shrimp or fish. I choose the fish. It was fantastic...the sauce was tremendous and the fish was extra crispy and hot even when covered with the sauce. I am looking for a recipe for the Shing Do sauce...any suggestions?

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