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Thursday, 18 May 2006



Ah, yes - karei karaage. How big was the flounder? I can do the slow deep-frying method needed to to karei no senbei, but it seems that rather small flounder works best. That flounder bone cracker (that sounds so wrong, don't it?) looks like it's to die for ;)



When I think izakaya, I think terriyaki beef, croquettes, pork cutlet, etc. The types of food that you expect from a Japanese "tavern." Yet, all of the things you got are seafood. I know seafood is an important part of the standard Izakaya menu, but what can you say about the terriyaki beef or other foods at Sakura that are not from the ocean? Are they any good? How about price?


Passionate Eater

And the Missus is worth every penny! I hope to see a beautiful gift for her (like that big screen she got you)! (I always try to make sure that the man dotes on and is extravagant on his lady!)

Beautiful fish--both at the aquarium and on the plate!


"5 days of feasting" - you sure go all out! :)


That all looks amazing. Concur with PE...beautiful fish: live and dead!


Yeah, I'll have to take MS here!!! When I went a couple months back, I loved the Chicken Kara'age. I don't remember all the items we ordered, but it was absolutely yummy! Definitely worth a second (and third...and fourth...) visit! ;)


Hi Ed - The flounder was about 9" long, not too thick, but good sized.

Hi Ted - The reason I didn't go into too much detail, is that you can link back to my original post on Sakura:

It's good to know what you consider standard Izakaya fare to be, but the Missus and I felt like seafood, though they were out of the shishito tempura that I enjoy. The total bill came out to $45. There dishes such as buta kakuni, croquettes, chicken karaage, and the like. If you read the earlier post, you'll find that we enjoyed the buta kakuni. I thought the chicken karaage was good. There is a very extensive selection of grilled, fried, and other items on the menu, so maybe you should try it out. Somehow I just don't think of Teriyaki Beef when I think of Izakaya grub.

Hi PE - comments like your get me in trouble....:o)

Hi Kathy - Anything to justfy good eats.

Hi Elmo - Thanks man, always nice to hear from you.

Hi Kristy - Yes, we're quite glad that there is a restaruant like Sakura in San Diego.


You're making me hungry. The albacore tataki reminds me that Kazu does a tasty mixed fish salad with that ponzu.

Was this the Missus first visit to Sakura?


great post very amusing.
if you're ever around Costa Mesa area you give this place a shot.

try there shrimp and tuna boat! yoso!

Ango TEI
675 Paularino Ave Ste 5
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3039
(714) 557-2696


Hi Ed - Yes, first time for Her, don't think it'll be Her last. She's been wondering why I've been trying to get Her there for the last 3 years........

Hi Nhbill - Thanks for commenting and the recommendation. I'll keep that place in mind.



it looks great.. like "real" japanese food, not the typical fake teriyaki menu fare...

that aquarium is pretty cool looking too, never heard of it.. have to go check it out sometime when i'm down south..

the Missus bday, kinda like Hannukah but only 5 days.. nice!

Happy Bday Fendi Girl!!!!!!!!!!


Hi DCCF - The aquarium is right off the I-5, not crazy big, but pretty nice. Sakura is one of the very few of these types of restaurants in San Diego.

Andy 食神

hey, I went to the aquarium last week... we always seem to end up at the same places... what really struck me is that I too took a picture of the same kelp bed exhibit! I haven't had time to post it onto my blog yet.

Did you see the lobster tank? It practically makes you drool with all those california spiny lobsters in them!

We both must have great style and great taste. we always end up the at the same places, down in SD and up in LA. It's one thing when I read your blog and I go there, but many of them, we just end up going to the same places by pure coincidence.


Hi Andy - Well, I know you have great what can I say??? How can you not take a photo of that lovely kelp bed...and dream about fresh live uni!!! I look forward to your post. You sure do get around. BTW, I've been accused of "food stalking", that is doing a post on a restaurant the same day a person has been there......

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