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Thursday, 13 April 2006


Joseph E

I always love a happy ending. I've driven by this place a number of times, but always thought it looked like the sort of place with 300 menu items and none in English. It sounds like it might be worth a try, if Kathy or someone else could translate!


Ahh, you and your beef stew noodle soups. I distinctly remeber it being all your niu rou mein posts that got me ordering that one dish everything I went to a restaurant with it on the menu! Just goes to show how influential your blog is :)


Hi Kirk,

Sounds like you had an interesting experience. So are you going back?


Hi JosephE - Your assessment is pretty much correct, but the people there are quite helpful.

Hi Kathy - Yeah, me and my beef stews.......

Hi Reid - I'll probably be going back. I was going to post later, but am on our way to LA, so thought I had enough to create a post.

clare eats

After such a good start it is sadening to be let down by mediocre food *sigh*
So now you are not only tease but you don't even come through with the good stuff afterwards!


Eventhough it sounds so-so, I'd still hit that...I mean $20 for 4 dishes! That just doesn't happen often anymore...especially in O.C.


Hi Kirk,

So glad to hear that things ended up being okay. =) Love your blog! Can't wait to hear more!


This sounds like a promising place to go for some cheap eats. The beef stew looks pretty good, and sometimes I don't mind a lighter version if I'm watching my weight.

By the way, I only speak one language too, which is a constant source of shame for my Chinese family.


note to chef: no self-respecting fried rice has PEAS and CARROTS. =)

Emily K

Hi Kirk,

and happy Easter!

In my enduring quest to figure out what's what in Asian food I've been paying attention recently and so I'd really appreciate it if you would provide an answer to my questions (from a newbie so please forgive me if they are dumb).

First what's the deal with pho and tendon...what is tendon? I cruise lots of food sites and this word "tendon" keeps coming up. Sorry for my ignorance but since I'll be in Bangkok/Vientiane/Luang Prabang in August I really want to be able to judge good "tendon".

And secondly "wok-hey" what's the deal? Please let me know and perhaps, since my blog is taking a decidely Asian turn, I will be able to use this phrase in the future.

And so, excellent as always, biz de Paris, Emily


Hi Clare - The Beef Stew and the Duck were not bad - and the prices are pretty good.

Hi Elmo - We thought the prices were very reasonable - but then again we just back from Rowland Heights, so........

Hi Keri - Thanks for stopping by, and the kind words. Though, it was a bit hit and miss, the prices were very reasonable.

Hi Howie - Actually I'm the one that is constantly embarrassed by my lack of lingual prowess. The Beef Stew is good, if you like alot of tendon.

Hi Jackt - Don't know, maybe they were trying to make me feel "safe"?

Hi Emilyk - Well let's seeee, tendon which seems so hard and almost inedible in it's raw state, can become very tender, gelatinous, and almost buttery when cooked correctly. If you enjoy gelatin, you may enjoy tendon.
Wok-hey(Wok Hay) is the somewhat mysterious "character" of the wok, a somewhat smokey flavor that a well used, seasoned, and maintained wok will impart on food if used with the combination of (usually) very high heat and good technique. There's a wonderful book by Grace Young, called The Breath of a Wok that goes into this in much detail. An excellent book, and fun read.


Nice find Kirk. It sounds like it has possibilities.


Hi Jack - Yes, there are enough possibilities to fill several visits.

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