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Wednesday, 12 April 2006


clare eats

You are a HUGE HUGE HUGE tease Kirk!!!


Man! I used to go to Trieu Chau all the time as a student in Irvine. Their dry-styled, flat-yellow noodles fishball noodles was as close as it could get to Singapore's mee-pok tar! Yummy with loads of ground chili paste (or did they call it satay sauce??) and vingar.


thanks kirk!

tease em! ha ha...

can't wait for everyone to come check out the flick, should be interesting to get "true foodie" feedback on this thing...

this place looks authentic, meaning it probably didn't get an A rating like the fake places.. lol


i read about this restaurant in the sd reader. they didn't say the menu wasn't in english! last month, i was thinking of going there as well with some friends since we have never had cambodian food. can't wait to read the rest of your review of this place.


Haha, you're on the..soups, shrimps, and fish section of the "Small Eats" page in the menu photo.

Was it your comment on my blog?


Trieu Chau is a very famous eatery in Orange County. It's right next to Westminister and you should try their Mi Dac Biet. I think that roughly translates into Egg Noodle Special (sorry my Vietnamese is pretty bad). Anyways it's quite famous in the Westminister/Santa Ana area and it's only open from 7AM to 5PM daily because it's always so packed. Furthermore, I was wondering if you could post the address to this location because i want to check it out.


Hi Clare - I've learned the skill from the best! ;o)

Hi Mia - I don't know if this restaurant is affiliated with the Trieu Chau in Garden Grove or Santa Ana - next time I'll ask.

Hi DCCF - Actually this place did get an 'A' rating! LOL!

Hi Reynila - This restaurant was in the Reader? Wow, I'll have to check it out. There were a few (fried rice) dishes hand written on the menu - but nothing interesting.

Hi Karen - The page the Missus was having problems with were all the different noodle dishes. And yes, it was I - thanks for the link!

Hi Anthony - I don't know if this restaurant is in any way associated with Trieu Chau in Garden Grove, but next time I'll ask. I've posted the address with tonight's Apr 13th post - but here it is again:
Trieu Chau Restaurant
4653 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105

There are a couple of 'Mi' restaurants in San Diego - I like the broth at Luong Hai Ky alot, though the prices are higher then most places, and portions a bit smaller.


It seems that there menu's are quite similar. The address for the one in Santa Ana is:

4401 W 1st St
Santa Ana, CA

The one in Garden Grove and Santa Ana are owned by the same person but the one in Santa Ana tastes better. I'll check out this place on University and I'll let you know how they stack up.


the restaurant review was actually just a tiny blurb (not a full blown review by naomi wise or the tin fork guy) and it appears intermittently.


Hi Anthony - Please let me know.....

Hi Reynila - Hmmm, I'll check it out.


Kirk, to the best of my knowledge, about the menu offerings:

No. 51....braised monkey balls with hoisin sauce (something else too about a 2 for 1 special....)

No. 52....fresh spring rolls bearing roasted sugar cane, mint, nuoc mam, and pickled pig ear.

I'll have to get back to you later on the rest of menu items....


29th Annual Cambodian New Year Festival 4-Day Event
Learn about Cambodia by coming to this cultural festival that celebrates the Cambodian New Year. Highlights of this event include music and costumed dance performances, delicious Cambodian food, and interesting art and gift items. Carnival rides will be avilable for extra fun and excitement.

Date: April 15 & 16, 2006
Time: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
Location: Colina Del Sol Community Park (5319 Orange Ave.)
Admission: None
Attendance: 600/day
Hosted By: Cambodian Buddhist Society of San Diego
Contact: Lim Cheang @ (619) 840-6651
Contact: Mr. Cheang @ (619) 531-1590
Contact: Thong Chau @ (619) 245-9715


Hi RONW - I'm unable to add anything to your vivid menu translations. LOL!


Kirk, in view of Noodle's comment....'monkey balls' on the menu was actually 'chicken' balls, a transliteration on my part. There's a poitically incorrect disclaimer in there.


Hi RONW - I could not have said it better. Funny thing is; we did go to the Cambodian Festival - but I'm not sure if I'm going to post it........


Kirk, trieu chau food is one of my favorites. Especially their fishball/beefball noodle soup (thick rice noodles). I make my own version at home all the time. I love it way better than pho.


Hi EDBM - The noodles soups did look very good.

Tran Tien


Would you please note that any restaurants with Chinese writings are chinese, and not Vietnamese, though they may have names like "Vietnamese Chinese restaurants".
All the so-called Vietnames dishes (if any) there are not authentic Vietnamese food, and we never even have a glance at them.


Hi Tran - Again I'll mention the fact that I've never made a statement of "authenticity" with regards to this restaurant. BTW, did you even read the second part of this post - the owners are Cambodian, and that is made clear. Also, just as I show respect for your opinion, I'll suggest you do the same, and not tell me what or how to run my "personal" food blog. Okay?


Trieu Chau restaurant is one of BEST "mi" in Kali. Always ask for Mi Nam Vang Dac Biet (Egg yellow noodle special) this baby is packed with MEATS!!! 4 shrimps, duck leg, cha lua, chicken, liver and pork balls.

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