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Wednesday, 26 April 2006



Hi Ed - That post is up. And the hot pot is on a seperate menu.

Hi Howie - I was wondering what happeneed to you - I'm sure you'd have had no problem guessing.

Hi Mills - You can get in Chinese Markets as Leek Flower Sauce. I must admit the green color is a bit odd. The sauce is very pungent - but in a onion-ny way.

Hi Clare - Well, I've done 3 previous posts on this place - someone even guessed correctly by the carpet in the lamb slices photo - it matched those on photos I've posted on Ba Ren!

Joseph E

I can't believe I didn't think of Ba Ren! I should have known you would be have yet another post, Kirk, sooner rather than later. I wonder how many other great dishes I miss at restaurants due to a lack of language ability.

clare eats

Fair enough :)
It is true once I saw Ba Ren, I *knew* I should have guessed there LOL....

I was just teasin anyway ;)


Hi JosephE - I'm pretty sure that I miss alot too......since I basically onyl speak English. But, restaurants in San Diego are very accessable - there are some places in Los Angeles where I wouldn't have a clue.

Hi Clare - I know you were teasin', but if you'd have guessed right, I'd have made sure you got something...and we're not talking "collon", ok?


HA! BA REN! Of course! Next time ok?

ED, thanks for that info. To be honest, that dish doesn't sound terribly appealing to me because of the fat/cartiledge. I have a VERY plebian tongue when it comes to the texture of such things. Liver is about as exotic as I get on the meat side of things. With seafood I only go as far as squid. I must say; however, I'm a bit envious of some of the gastronomic adventures you guys are enjoying. More so these days that I'm out of range of so many cuisines.


Hi Jo - I'm sure that you'll guess Ba Ren next time!


::grinning:: You got it dude! ::wink::

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