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Wednesday, 26 April 2006



Well I don't know any of the answers but I do have to say that the broths look really delicious, and very temping. Now the sauce on the other hand...*wink*


hey kirk,

my guess would be...... Albertos

i'll take the Starbucks card please... thanks! ;)

hey, everybody missed you at Mushas tonight! was a good time...


I pity the fool who, at the end of feasting, tries to drink the mala broth only to get a mouthful of rain gutter debris...


Hey Kirk,

YOU'RE doing incomplete posts? I can't believe it. I still have some that aren't finished from back in March! LOL! *sigh* Hopefully I'll catch up soon....

clare eats

What good is that if you are in Oz?
Oh well...


No answers here, but that's a rather drool-worthy post :) (especially the spicy half of the broth!!!)


"incomplete" post (?)....well, if you say so yourself. However, "incomplete posts," beats dragging your readers through every single frreakin miniscule detail, as has been well documented elsewhere (I'll refrain from mentioning the websites by names, mindfully).

Gypsy Jan


I can't even get into the contest, I'm so whitebread.

My guess is a szechuan spicy/not spicy hot pot or a korean version.

Whatever, the presentation and you photos make my mouth water.

Forget the beverage coupons, set up a dinner with a discount!

Passionate Eater

Kirk!! I like your "incomplete posts," because they give me a taste of what is to come, and thus whet my appetite! Everything you do is great, and I speak for many of your readers, in that I love Mmm-Yoso!!!


Ooohh, I hope you'll show the answer soon - I've been looking for a nice hot pot restaurant whenever I go visit "the folks".

And that sauce - it looks like a crushed cilantro sauce, but then again, the greyish-brown look almost screams out "LAMB LIVER"! Either way, I'd be game (no pun intended).

BTW, has anyone here heard of "lawar"?


hmm.. never heard of "lawar". No fair on the contest...

ASK FOR PEET'S! ::wink::


Oh I'd be so on this if I lived in SD. I'd make it an excuse of seeking out Hot Pot places to seek it out.


Hey Kirk,

just give me an address and I'll round you up some photos of what Paris has to offer by way of hot pot...



STILL no answers and winners?!?! ::pouting:: Don't suppose you could mail a pot? ::grins::


Hi Mills - The sauce is leek flower sauce with a touch of fermented shrimp paste.

Hi DCCF - Het let me know which Alberto's/Roberto's serves this stuff up, ok? LOL! BTW, one of the something-"Berto's" places here serves up Gyros......go figure!

Hi liver - After all the cooking is done, we actually drink the malatang broth, just have to be a be a bit careful when you ladel it out.

Hi Reid - Hope all is under control, we've missed your posts!

Hi Clare - If you made a correct guess I'd figure some way to get a "prize" to you!

Hi Kathy - The broth was very good.

Hi RONW - You always crack me up!

Hi Jan - Now bibingka and other treats are not what I call white bread - you're more adventurous then many I know!

Hi PE - Now that's what I like about you; always so positive!

Hi Ed - No liver sauce here; and no lawar (is it Indonesian) either.

Hi Jo - Very fair; there are clues if you read previous posts, and look closely at the photos.

Hi Emily - LOL!


You stumped me; but I did go over my Ba Ren menu and searched to see if I could find such a thing.

Is it on the menu? Is it good? You do need to review it now that we've all spent several days drooling on our keyboards.



Shoot, I've been so busy this week, I didn't get a chance to guess. Oh well, I don't think I would have gotten it right anyhow.

Now I have yet another excuse to go to Ba Ren.


Hi Kirk and Jo - Kirk, you're right, "lawar" is Indonesian (I'm amazed, actually). More specifically, it's a festive Balinese dish which I describe as "ceremonial meat hash". The essential ingredients are chopped meat (usually pork), boiled pork skin or some type of cartilage, and shredded coconut. Many people put shredded boiled vegetables like green jackfruit and chayote. This is then mixed (madukan) with a spice mixture of chilies (a lot of them!), garlic, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, lemongrass, and shrimp paste. For the "red" version of the dish ... I'll save that for another comment if anyone's interested.

This is the favorite food for many Balinese, but may be inedible for many foreigners because of the amount of chilies they put. I, however, LOVE the stuff.


Hmmm the leek sauce sounds really tasty. :) It isn't pretty to look at but sounds tasty! Actually you need to find a way to mail Jo and I your whole meal! :P

clare eats

No Silly How could I guess? I don't know where serves soup!

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