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Sunday, 16 April 2006




you got me with the chilis man! that dish looks great! i'm there...

whenever near colima road i eat at Tommy's or Banana Boat... next time i think i'm goin fo the chilis..

you should give Banana Boat off of Fullerton/Colima a try for some decent Thai if you get a chance... crab fried rice and bbq chicken is pretty good there


Awesome awesome, I love this your review!
You beat me to the post! I came a while ago, but sigh, never got around to posting. lol. But now you make me want to go back and have the smoked duck and sticky rice cake. mmm. Esp the dessert, never seen anything like it before. There were so many options I didn't know what to order, but their dumplings in the house spicy sauce - so good!
I can't believe how much there is to learn about the different varieties of Asian food here. It's amazing (and I better go take advantage of it:))
Thanks for covering all these places in Rowland Heights, plan to go this weekend. yay!


i believe its banana bay.

Banana boat is a lil take out/ taiwanese style place in the 99 ranch market off gale. They do serve pig intestines tho! my favorite!

all of the stuff at banana bay is good, service is quick, food is tasty.

Everyone i know always orders the fried rice with bbq chicken (huge bbq chicken)

i've taken a liking to the garlic chicken fried rice, but i usually ge tthe gravy noodles with onions and tomatoes, very tasty.

clare eats

Can you please ship one serveofthe duck and the dessert over express?

MMMM I want that duck!


Hi Kirk,

The dishes here look interesting, especially the ones with the chillies. Mmmm!


thanks clayfu!

my brain is fried, it is Banana Bay...

Banana Boat is a reference to "Scarface" that i can't get out of my head ... thats how messed up I am these days... "Look at chu now!"


Hi Kathy - The lunch prices here are very reasonable - though the Fuqi Feipein was IMHO pretty lousy. Can't wait to read your posts.

Hi clayfu - Thanks for the rec. In the years we lived in Rowland Heights we never went to Banana Bay - maybe it weas the garish paint job, or maybe memories of the pretty terrible Korean BBQ I had at the restaurant that used to occupy the space. We did drive thru "Yes" Plaza, and had a nice laugh - we used to do laundry at the laundromat that is no longer there, when the mall was kind of seedy.....

Hi Clare - Due to quality control concerns, you'll have to swim on over....but it'll be on me!

Hi Reid - The duck dish was a very good, excellent rendition of Sichuan "chili" type of dish.

Hi DCCF - Too many brain cells burnt composing SpamKu! LOL!


DANG! you and your missus are champs...lookit how you cleaned up!

i saw that you mentioned chungking in monterey park...any idea what street it's on? i'm always looking for more good eats here in the sgv.


Hi Pam - Chung King used to be our favorite restaurant when we lived in LA:

Chung King
206 S. Garfield Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754



The dishes look pretty good Kirk, particularly the smoked duck w/ chilies


Hey Jack - The smoked duck with chilies is as good as anything I've ever had at Ba Ren or Chung King

Jeffrey Chow

Kirk, thanks for the headsup on the restaurants in the SGV. I have to admit that this place, Manie's is one of our favorites when we dine with our parents. Our parents can't take the spiciness like they used to and they say that this place balances the taste without going overboard on the "ma"(numb) and the "la"(spicy). But I think I might try Chung King but I do so love Yungui also. Oh, so many restaurants and so small a stomach.


Hi Jeffrey - I hope you have a great time in LA!

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