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Tuesday, 18 April 2006


clare eats

I think we might have "a littlet sheep" hot pot resturant in Chinatown!



The prime cut meat looked delicious,(well so did everything else) but too bad the broths were not up to standard. The bread intrigues me though, and it seems right up my alley! ;D


I haven't been to Kingswood but I've been pleased and sated at my two trips to Little Sheep...delicious meats and a rockin' broth. Although you smell like curry after leaving the restaurant.


Too bad there's no Hot Pot City around here. Every time I go up to the Bay Area, I have to make a special trip to Milpitas.


Hi Clare - Little Sheep is, I believe a franchise based in China - so you may indeed have a Little Sheep in Oz.

Hi Mills - The Fried Bread was good.

Hi Elmo - We thought we'd go with Kingswood because it's been there as long as we can remember.

Hi Liver - By here, you mean San Diego, right? There's a place in San Diego that does a pretty good broth, but the cuts of meat aren't necessarily the best. And it ain't East Buffet......



i don't think i'll ever be able to physically go to this place....

its across from Sam Woo's...pity..

i could never betray the WOO MASTER... he's never done me wrong, so i have to show my loyalty to the Salty, Spicy Squid... but thanks for letting me know what i'm missin out on..


Aaah DCCF - You're a disciple of the "House of Woo"....hmmmm, I think theere are some silly Kung Fu movie analogies/parodies that one could riff on......


I used to go here all the time with my parents. I love the fried rice here. I'll have to mention Little Sheep to them next time.


To me, hot pots are only as good as their broths although that prime beef you had looks pretty darn good!


Hi Howie - Yes, give them a try and let me know how you/they liked it!

Hey Jack - You are right on there!


Hey! There is a Kingswood there by the Ranch 99 at the corner of Wolfe & Homestead. We tried the hot pot a LONG time ago. What I recalled the most (and REALLY liked best) was a fish cake that I would have sworn was a very exotic mushroom. Mills helped me figure out what they where and they are very common in the freezer section of most Chinese grocers around there. We did the teppan yaki there once as well. The coolest thing was when the chef made an onion volcano! AWESOME!



Lets not start that again *wink*...::Wanders off before the picture of Shamu with two guns blazing flits through her head.::


Jo and Mills - You two should do stand-up! LOL!


::grinning:: hmmm... stand up... middle of the produce section... hmmm... Hey MillsWorth, who do you think would pay us more, Hangook, Galleria, or Safeway?


Hi Kirk,

I really enjoy your site and was just wondering what kind of camera you use to take the photos. The shots are always crisp and colorful... and they never fail to make my stomach gurgle :)

Keep up the great work!


Hi Jo - I was thinking for like the deli know, ham and stuff! ;o)
BTW, we went to North Park Produce and bought a bunch of deli meats - they sell something called Mikhail Mortadella.

Hi Kathy - Thank you for the kind words - but I'm a real novice with the camera. I use a Panasonic DX7 - small and compact with OIS. It's not very effective in low light environments - but I think most compact digitals are.

Jon Martinez

Kurt, what a great roadtrip. I'm looking at my calendar to see when I can sample some of your new and old L.A. posts. Introduction. I have been following your posts daily since the beginning of the year. Excellent blog for someone like myself that relies on word of mouth/blog for new local San Diego food adventures. I'm a mexican married to an Italien who both love and appreciate good food. I am off to Maui this week with the misses and 3 kids (under 7). Any suggestions on how to find "Good Eats" on the WEST side and beyound of the island?


ACK ::roaring with laughter:: ok ok, I get it now! ::rolls eyes still laughing::

Mikhail Mortadella? You still yanking my funny bone or did they just have goofy names for their deli meats? Typically, in the states at least, you can get regular or with pistachios. I'm not sure what the deal with the pistachios is. If that is some great American notion or if that is how they make it in Europe. I've only had one decent import and it came from Italy. Unfortunately the manager at the store that carried it treated me VERY badly on one occasion and I never set foot in the store after that... =o(


Hi Jon - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I sent you an Email, so hopefully you've receiveed it.

Hi Jo - No joke. It was the version with pistachios, though it was pretty decent, along with the other stuff we bought.


hmmm... Interesting. I would love to know the history to that name. Deli meats are fabulous when they get it right. Even when you learn WHY they came into being! ::grimaces::

We are indeed learning the lay of the land around here. Got to do a minor explore of Chapel Hill yesterday. SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL! I even know enough now to give a pretty decent tour for visitors! ::subtle hint::

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