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Wednesday, 19 April 2006



Everything looks awesome, Kirk! Goose liver wontons are definitely something different...I'm a sucker for any type of liver (my poor heart!) How many days did you spend in Rowland Heights? It appears like you got so much eating done!

Joseph E

So, no wait at 10 am? I am usually just getting past breakfast at that time on most days, but it looks like you beat the fiendish lines Elmo reported on his blog. I can't wait to hear if the food lived up to the beautiful presentation. We're missing out, down here in San Diego. How do you manage to make so many quick trips up to LA?


My god, how many restaurants can you hit on one weekend in Rowland Heights? I'm in awe! I can't wait to hear the commentary that goes with the pics.


Goose liver wontons! Wow, that sounds fantastic (and decadent)! The Xiao Long Bao look great too. I still haven't found a version of that in SD that I'm totally happy with.


That restaurant had a good rep for dim sum, but the dinner fare was slightly disappointing. It was very expensive and the portions were very small. I had one dish that was $12 and consisted of five small pieces of fish.


i have never had dinner there but that is my favorite place for dim sum. the best time to hit it, i've learned, is on saturdays around 11 am, b/c that's when you beat the crowd and the kitchen is starting to "get in full swing". i've been on sundays and it's just a mad house, so many people in line! p.s. i live in SD and think it's totally worth the drive just for dim sum. kirk, can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Ooo, bright green dumplings! Looks good. What's in the shark fin-phoenix eye dumpling (besides, I'm assuming, shark fin)?


when they were new harbor they had the best dimsum next to samwoo in rowland heights.

now i have yet to try it, i just like the fact that you dont have to flag people down to get your food and you get to order it off a menu =)


Those green buns look so weird- but yummy! Is this in the plaza w/ 99 Ranch? I may have to try it next time I'm in the area (if your reviews live up to the great photos)


Wow Kirk, you and your wife are a very good way! I haven't had a chance to check in for awhile and see that I'm behind a half dozen or so posts. Can't wait to hear about the dim sum. Goose liver won tons...sounds decadent.


Hi Kathy - We stayed over-night, but managed to get in a "few" good meals.....

Hi JosephE - We did an overnight stay, so managed to "hit" a few spots.

Hi Elmo - Let's see 3 meals, and 2 snacks....if you call the Pork Rectum a snack.

Hi Howie - Boy are those wontons rich, but soooo good!

Hi ccwu - Thanks for the info - I'll stick to the Dim Sum here.

Hi Gravy - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Happy Harbor has been added to our list for our visits.

Hi Kady - There's shrimp and scallop in those dumplings.

Hi clayfu - Yes, no flagging people down and always getting what you set out for has it's benefits. And sometimes, minimal contact with Staff is sometimes a plus as well! LOL!

Hi Joan - Yes, it's on the psychotic corner of Gale and Nogales.

Hi Jack - Can you tell we really enjoyed this overnighter?



you've done more for Rowland Hgts in one weekend, than Rowland Hgts has done for itself in decades...

they should give you the key to the city... or some free Tommy Burgers...


wow... wow... Kirk, I so wish I was with you! I love the notion of using shrimp to compliment such a variety of flavors. I've been using a lot of chicken stock to accentuate flavors in my cooking. Something I've "notioned" up from Chinese style flavorings. Shrimp would be another logical choice for a "balancer" of both flavors and textures. I particularly like the spinach buns. Such wonderful colors! But I would have been happy beyond words with any of those dumplings or noodles!!

clare eats

Ooh that all looks so good!
I am not ready to come to the party on the shark's fin but that is not from a taste point of view.

I think the green buns look great!


Ahhh I wish I could have eaten with you both. I need Dimsum now! LOL the spinach buns were colorful, and everything looked too good!


Hi DCCF - I think I woulda taken the burgers... ;o) I'm also thinking you should give us the DCCF tour of San Dimas.

Hi Jo - The freshness and quality of the shrimp were excellent - and those wontons!

Hi Clare - A very nice change of pace Dim Sum experience - and some really good stuff.

Hi Mills - Those spinach Bao really do get your attention, don't they?


The goose liver wontons? Oh yea, those really got my attention big time! I have to wonder how the goose liver would compare to foie gras. Although I believe (but I'm not positive) that foie gras is done with both ducks and geese. One of my cuinary goals is to try pure foie gras. One lovely, succulent slice, seared to perfection, garnished with the thinist slice of marinated purple onion...

Passionate Eater

I want dim sum and wontons now, sooooo bad! The pictures are killing me! (Like that guy from the mattress store in Los Angeles that says, "You're killing me Larry!")

I'm actually visiting family down here in Southern California now, and I showed your site to my Mom, and she loved it!

Her response: "I need a son-in-law like this guy!"

My response: "Not again Mom!"

Emily K

What an amazing choice of dim sum and those green dumplings do look excellent. I also think the menu photos are fine, after all you can't really ask them to put in special lighting for photographers :) and most importantly when I click the photo the print is clear enough so that I can read what the items are. In other words, the information value outweighs minor aesthetic concerns.



believe it or not a couple of my friends drive down from irvine and torrance maybe a couple a times a month just to eat at our local pizza place (Michaelangelos)... its pretty good pizza... couple of other decent places nearby as well..

lemme know when you're in the area and i'll give you the tour..

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