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Saturday, 08 April 2006



Cool! I'd noticed that market while driving by and made a mental note to investigate sooner or later, but had no idea what ethnicities they catered to. Now I'll definitely check it out soon! Mmmmmm ... feta ... :-)


What an interesting produce store! I have never seen fetta sold that way before. Was it a eastern european type grocery store ? Or just all mixed in? Or mostly turkish?

Joseph E

It would be superfluous of me to start another food blog; Kirk always gets to every place I like before I do! I was just at North Park Produce yesterday - but I didn't see anyone taking photos of the feta.

Notice the prices on those olives - curred black olives (the good ones!) for $2 a pound. Most of the olives are $2 to $5 a pound; the feta usually in the $2 to $3 range. Better yet, the extensive selection of produce and flatbreads has just about the best everyday prices around.

I still haven't discovered the ethnicity of the owners, but I think most customers are middle-eastern and Muslim. However, you will also find eastern European, Greek and Indian items (It's the only place I've found kari pattan; curry leaves). They have also recently started carrying prosciutto for $10 a pound.

I used to consider it worth going a few miles out of the way for the prices and selection (4 types of cucumbers! 4 types of eggplant!). Now I'm lucky enough to live nearby.


Oooh, good tasting plan! I'm so used to having crumbled feta I can't even remember the last time I had a "fresh slice." A salad I often make at home includes baby romaine, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, shredded chicken and a good helping of crumbled feta with balsamic vinagrette. Just a thought if you have leftovers...:)


Hi mizducky - It's easy to spend a good long while just checking out NPP.

Hi Rachel - Think Middle Eastern - Eastern European - Hispanic Market and I think it'll be kind of close.

Hi Joseph E - I still think we need more food bloggers in SD. I try to be rather discreet when taking photos. NPP is worth the trip. And I almost bought some proscuitto, but we decided to wait until next time.

Hi Kathy - We just may do as you suggest.


nice! i've been looking for a good place for olives and feta since moving so san diego from astoria, queens (home to the largest greek community outside of athens. or so i was told).


Hi Dave - Give NPP a shot, the prices are very reasonable, and the variety excellent.


hey kirk - we headed there right after work yesterday. as dingy and kind of creepy that place is from the outside, we were blown away by the variety. the prices are good, too! we bought some kalamata olives, feta, hummus, pita, and some vegtables.

my wife wants us to do our weekly grocery shopping there now. we are not big fans of the henrys on park.


Hi dave - I'm glad you enjoyed shopping there. I thought it was quite funny to watch the armed Security Guard fetching shopping carts and fronting shelves....seemed like such a nice Guy.


ohmy oh my... I noticed the Mortadella? Do tell, domestic or imported? What brand if domestic and from where if imported? I would KILL for a decent source of imported mortadella!


Hi Jo - Don't know about the Mortadella - but I'll let you know, ok?


Hi Kirk--just sticking my head back in here to note that I did finally drop by NPP yesterday afternoon. Man, the joint was jumping! Really enjoyed the selection, as well as the general just-folks multi-culti ambiance (exchanged some smiles and hellos with a Muslim family shopping with their four very young children, the smallest a wee babe in arms). I didn't even wind up getting any feta this time because I was waylaid by a bargain price on Mexican cheeses. No worries--I'm sure this is far from my last visit to this joint.


Hi Mizducky - Glad you njoyed shopping at NPP. Such great variety and prices.


Hi! I really enjoy shopping at NPP, my mother told me about this store, I love the variety, but I buy there a long time ago the vegeta seasoning mix for salad, and they no longer have, do you know where can I find more? Thks


Hi Lolita - I'm not familiar with vegeta seasoning mixes, maybe someone out here can help you. What brand was it? Podravka? Also, did you try asking the staff at NPP?


Hello Kirk, yes the brand is Podravka, and I ask the staff and nobody knows why they are out of the product, I guess I have to wait until they got more, Thanks again


Hi Lolita - Have tried purchasing it online? I'll also keep an eye out for it. There is a European Market on Park, but the market is mainly Greek products. I'll let you know if I find anything.


i'm a longtime fan of NPP, and i live in the area so it's very convenient. they also have a wide variety of dry spices (including an excellent pickling spice!).


Hi April - I'd say you're very lucky to live near NPP.


Hi Do they sell halvah at NPP? Not the packaged kind, I'm looking for the real thing in long logs that you can buy a chunk of. They used to sell it at DZ Akins, but no more. If not at NPP any ideas about where else in SD? Thanks

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