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Tuesday, 11 April 2006


Passionate Eater

Whew, that is one substantial line! Can't wait for the post, to see whether the food was worth the wait!



i've always wondered why its like 100 chinese restaurants to 10 thai to 1 filipino ratio...

i can go with population, but trying to look beyond that...

whats your take?


A friend from the Philipines recommends only to go to filipino restaurants in National City, the rest of them are not worth the visit according to him.


Hi PE - I hope to get it finished this evening.....

Hi DCCF - I don't think I'll go there. But here's an interesting tidbit, I had only been to 2 Filipino Restaurants in all my years back home. Why? Well, my Friend's Mom's(all of them, and some cases Dad's too) made the best food, so I saw no reason to eat at a restaurant. And there was always a major Filipino party (B-Day, Retirement, Graduation) for the really good stuff like lechon, dinuguan, and stuff.....

Hi honkman - I'll go with the old never know until you try! And I'm willing to try......


a new vietnamese sandwich place opened in the lucky seafood plaza. its called california sandwiches i believe, its on the left side of biglots.

the price is a lil higher its 2.75 for a bat diet (however you spell it) but it is VERY big. and they toast your bread and its nice and crispy! give it a try


argh. my whole family here is drooling over that crispy pata. i'm wondering now if i still have time to change the menu for Easter brunch.

Joseph E


Thank you for the musical analogy. I appreciated learning about "fake books" via your link (I wish I had tried one out years ago, when I might have had time to practice), and I heartily concur with your idea of harmony and balance in food.

To stretch your admittedly imperfect analogy a bit further, I prefer Jazz to "classical" music for the same reason I prefer many "ethnic" foods to haute cuisine. There is something to be said for subtlety, technical virtuosity and grand style in both music and art, but my palate and pocketbook can only enjoy such entertainment on occasion. Jazz, Blues, Gospel - these fill my soul anyday. Likewise, I can eat a carnitas taco, a plate of rice and dal and vegetables, or a good dish of pad tai, enjoying the strong but balanced flavors.

Simple, ordinary ingredients balanced with good flavors make a meal; I can live without the waiters and white tablecloths and fancy knifework stacked six inches high. Don't most 'hounds feel the same?


Hi clayfu - Thanks for the rec! A frequent reader Renee also told me about that place, so I've got that, and the new 'Mi' place a few doors down on my list as well!

Hi stef - There is something about crispy pata! So earthy and basic, and yet decadent in a way.....

Hi JosephE - Thanks for indulging my silliness. Just as there is room, for all music, there is room for all types of food.


Hail, fellow music lover! :-) Having messed (however incompetently) with various fake books, I really grooved on your analogy. Though I confess most of my exposure to jazz comes from my love of jazz-influenced rock artists like Steely Dan and Frank Zappa ...

Anyway--yeah, I think that restaurant must have changed names, however slightly. When I went there, it was called "New Manila"--maybe they decided they weren't new anymore? Anyway, it was still a turo-turo, and it also apparently hosted Friday evening karaoke parties.

Actually, given how restaurants come and go, I bet there could have been several others in that space as well.


Hi mizducky - Thanks for the info - I had thought it was a different restaurant from the one I'd passed before.


Hal Leonard now publishes the Real Book in a legitimate form, FYI. It's all the same songs as the "illegal" one, but with licensing paid, etc. The printing is also much nicer.

Some restaurants can make Donna Lee, while others struggle with So What.


Hi JS - Yes, a friend of mine mentioned that it came out last year....though the "old" real book had some charm and character, mistakes and all.

Adriana Estrada

I love Manila- It has the best food ive ever had. The rice is great and the people are nice!!


I came across your website. This restaurant was sold and under new ownernership. Now called "Manila Dessert". They used to be located where "R&B" is now. Better food than prior owners. :)


Hi Maribelle - Thanks so much for the info! I always appreciate updates...I'll be sure to check it out when I have a chance.

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