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Sunday, 02 April 2006



Such a feel good find, you were rightfully rewarded for not letting inital appearances deter you Seems like you felt right at home :) Having a better sense of who's in the kitchen does alter a meal experience. As for the Seen-Nam-Toke - if only you had saved a piece for me! lol.


I'm glad it ended up being really enjoyable. Good for you for taking a risk at a place that might not have been that appealing from the outside! Now I'm craving sticky rice. Surprisingly enough, it's really hard to find a good sticky rice.


Wow! Now I definitely want to go, but you've scared me a little... is it safe for two ladies in their early 20's? We don't have any burly man friends out here. :)


well Kirk, just in case you weren't aware of it yourself, the restaurant paid top dollar to hire the unsavory characters to hang around the restaurant. The proprietors contracts the crew out of the Actor's Guild to add atmosphere to the joint.


Great find! I'm so glad you're scouting out these hole-in-the-wall places near my neighborhood. It's hard to tell the good from the bad from the outside.


Hi Kathy - Yes, literally right at home, which bests describes the food - good homestyle food.

Hi Kady - I think most places overcook the rice making it very dry and hard. Asia Cafe does a good job.

Hi Stacey - Lunch or an early dinner should be fine. You notice the Lexus in the photo, well several of those were parked in the lot - the people in the restaurant were really nice.

Hi RONW - I must say that if those were actors, they were very convincing.....

Hi Howie - Nice little restaurant with some pretty good, affordable food.



Thanks to you and Reid, I had Pho for the first time last weekend. Very nice light beefy broth. It was a place across the street oceanside of Pearlridge in that small shopping area. BTW, are the meatballs made from beef or beef with a mixture of innners? That spicy side condiment that you add to the broth was very tasty too. Ask the guy that served us, but couldn't understand what he said. All I could get out of the conversatioin is that they made their own. Got to being a paper and pen next time. Would you know what that is. It had a spicy bean paste meaty texture. Sure would taste good over spaggetti noodles.


Hi lance - I've had beef meatballs with rice and sometimes tripe and other "stuff" in them. Glad you enjoyed your Pho' adventure.


Nice find Kirk. Maybe the people sleeping on the sidewalk were just waiting overnight for the restaurant to open and slept in :)


Hi kirk!! Looks like you've been busy. Glad you found such a great authentic place. I like hole in the wall kind of places but I too would have been detered by the outward appearance. That Yum Asia salad looks out of this world!


Hi Jack - Never thought of that!

Hi Rachel - The Yum Asia was very delici-yoso!!!

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